Why PTC for Global Manufacturers

For over 25 years, PTC has delivered end-to-end solutions to manufacturers globally. Our more than 6,000 employees serve a growing list of customers and partners in a variety of industries from automotive to aerospace and industrial engineering. To date, PTC works with many of the fortune 500 companies as well as partnering with 50 mid-sized companies.

If your products are connected, your requirements should be connected.

To differentiate against competitors, manufacturers need to differentiate the way they build and deliver products. In the era of IoT, successful products begin and end with requirements. PTC’s Requirements Management solution helps manufacturers meet customer-specific needs for smarter, more innovative, high-quality products and systems. Because the solution ensures that changes and their impacts to requirements are automatically communicated throughout the lifecycle, teams can make the right decisions based on the most up-to-date product data.


PTC’s top Requirements Management customers include:

  • Continental supplies electronic embedded systems to Automotive OEM partners. By efficiently exchanging and automatically importing requirements, they save time and improve accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Medtronic Ear, Nose & Throat division manages a multitude of product information while adhering to strict FDA requirements.
  • CVRx is a medium-sized Minnesota company pioneering new implants to monitor and treat high blood pressure. They use PTC Integrity to move development projects quickly to clinical trials without sacrificing quality.
  • Stryker Endoscopy use PLM to transform requirements management and achieve full traceability to smooth the FDA auditing process.
  • Hitachi ensures traceability for requirements, including functional safety, and introduces tools to further improve software quality and development efficiency.
  • Cummins overcomes data silos to ensure visibility and traceability throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Our approach to serving manufacturers is simple and comprehensive. Our Requirements Management solution covers every aspect of requirements and traceability across your product development. In addition, we offer:

  • Full service: We help you deploy, tailor, and expand your solution to meet your needs today and well into the future.
  • Industry-specific partner network: Our partners include Nanga Systems, Software Factory and Tekman Solutions.

Contact us to find out how PTC empowers you to be more collaborative and compliant while improving quality and time-to-market. 

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