Creo Elements/Direct 2D Access

An Easy-to-Use CAD Viewer Which Allows All Users to See CAD Data

Creo Elements/Direct 2D Access is a CAD viewer that offers rich 2D CAD visualization to improve your company’s product development process. The intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface is designed so that anyone can use it to read and inspect 2D drawings—even those without the authoring 2D CAD system or CAD expertise.

With Creo Elements/Direct 2D Access, you can extend the use of 2D design data across the entire organization and supply chain so team members can work effectively in a multi-cad environment and easily share design data in native and neutral 2D CAD formats.


  • Quickly view, inspect, share, and print high-quality 2D CAD design data created with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling™, Creo Elements/Direct Drafting™, and a broad range of neutral 2D and 3D CAD formats including Autodesk DWG and DXF
  • Rotate, pan, and zoom in real time
  • Inspect 2D drawings and measure all aspects such as length, distances between points and radii
  • Easily modify 2D views by turning parts and subassemblies on and off within the assembly structure
  • Compare different versions of drawings — clearly highlighting additions, deletions and modifications
  • Provide real-time, seamless product data management when integrated with Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager


  • Publish 2D drawings in PDF, Postscript, HPGL, HPGL II, TIFF, BMP, JPEG and PNG
  • Load precise drawings in read-only mode from any 2D CAD system through standard interfaces for:

    • MI (version 3.40 and earlier)
    • DXF (version 2010 and earlier)
    • DWG (version 2010 and earlier)
    • IGES 2D (version 51 and earlier)
    • HPGL
    • HPGL II
    • TIFF
    • BMP
    • JPEG
    • PNG

  • View additional engineering data on drawings, including annotation, tolerances, details, and dimensional compliance
  • Switch the display of hatching, labels, text, and dimensions on or off
  • Turn hidden lines on or off in drawings created with Creo Elements/Direct Drafting
  • Preview plot drawings and output to a plotter, printer, or supported file format such as: HPGL, HPGL II (and RTL extensions), PCL, PDF, and Postscript
  • Customize the user interface based on end user needs and preferences

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