Solución nº - CS372769

/dev/shm/.tomcat9.0.ptc_p folder was not accessible by anyone even root user

Modificado: 15-Jul-2022   

Se aplica a

  • ThingWorx Platform 8.0 to 9.3


  • In Linux environment, there exists a sub-folder in  /dev/shm folder, the name is like .<user>.ptc_p
  • The sub-folder name varies from .tomcat9.0.ptc_p, .root.ptc_p, .Thingworx-Foundation.ptc_p or .twadmin.ptc_p, it depends on the user who starts tomcat service
  • The folder has no ownership, and it displays as "??" on ownership column:
  • The folder can't be deleted or modified to change ownership
  • Backup application can't perform backup activity due to this folder access issue
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