PTC Mathcad Comparison Chart

PTC Mathcad is math software that allows you to solve, analyze and share your most vital engineering calculations.

Compare PTC Mathcad Licenses

PTC Mathcad offers three different types of licensing options: 30-day trial version, an individual license and multiple licenses. PTC Mathcad Express is our free-for-life software. When you select the 30-day full functionality option, you will enjoy all the features included in PTC Mathcad. Once the 30 days end, you can continue with our free-for-life version, PTC Mathcad Express. Compare each of the capabilities and find the option that best suits your needs

Capability (*Available First 30-Days in Express)

PTC Mathcad Express
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Individual Licenses
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Multiple Licenses
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Content Protection*

Object Linking & Embedding*

Equation Wrapping*

Write equations using natural math notation
Automatic update of calculations ✓ 
Automatic unit conversion and unit checking
Algebra and trigonometry operators and functions
Comprehensive documentation
Standardize engineering processes using templates*
X-Y plots
Advanced plot types: Polr, Contour, 3D*
Programming* ✓ 
Evaluate expressions symbolically* ✓ 
Solve systems of linear, non-linear and differential equations** ✓ 
Embed Excel directly in your worksheet* ✓ 
Advanced Engineering Mathematics: e.g. Design of Experiments, Differential Equations, Solving Regression*
Advanced Numeric Functions: e.g. Fourier Transforms, Signal Processing, Statistics & Data Analysis*
Leverage C/C++ libraries in your worksheet*
Solve systems of equations
Centralized IT management and administration
eLearning Libraries
2 3
Capability (*Available First 30-Days in Express)
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If you want to convert worksheets from previous versions of PTC Mathcad, please download PTC Mathcad 15.0 free trial.

Please click here for an announcement on PTC Mathcad support.