That's Just Smart: PLM Access for All Stakeholders

Your organization’s product data is its most valuable asset. Different roles throughout the organization (i.e. manufacturing, sales, marketing, and service) need product data to make decisions that can greatly affect your business in various ways: from the safety and quality of products to the speed of innovation and time-to-market. To realize the benefits of good decisions – and avoid the repercussions of bad ones – it is essential that stakeholders throughout the organization have access to the latest, most up-to-date product data. 

But there can be roadblocks to extending the accessibility of data to a wide range of stakeholders. For one thing, most enterprise software tools are so inaccessible to a broad range of users that it seems information is only ever accessed by the individuals who initially put it into the system. This happens for various reasons, such as the cost of user licenses and the cost, effort, and time involved with integration and customization projects. In order to extract data from these systems, other stakeholders are forced to resort to disconnected processes and tools – measures that break the vital role of the system as the single source of truth for recording and managing changes made to this data.. The results of these workarounds can prove disastrous, as any updates that are subsequently made to the data in the system renders the user’s version (and any work based off of it), at best, out-of-date and irrelevant, and at worst, inaccurate and counterproductive.


Traditional enterprise software solutions, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, often require weeks of intensive training to ensure that active daily users understand every minute detail of how to operate the software and effortlessly sift through the data it manages. While this is ideal for users who will need to operate the software daily in their roles, it is an overload of information for other stakeholders who would nevertheless benefit from access to the same data. The difference is, these “light-touch” users may only need a very specific subset of all that data – or they may only need it infrequently.


Last week, PTC held a webcast that demonstrated how Windchill 11 is delivering smarter PLM to more stakeholders throughout the organization based on the specific needs of their role. For example, if someone in manufacturing, sales, marketing, or procurement needs product data occasionally or lacks training for more complex PLM tasks, they can simply use a role-based app to get specific information.


PTC Navigate is the brand-new technology that makes this possible.  PTC Navigate delivers a collection of new role-based apps with a simplified user experience that is as familiar and easy-to-use as an average smartphone app. Specific, streamlined, and easy-to-use apps included in PTC Navigate enable users to simply view a document, view a drawing, view part properties, view a parts list, view a parts structure, download design files, view & measure 3D design files – and more. PTC Navigate transforms PLM into an ideal user experience for the light-touch, low-frequency user without sacrificing fidelity because it taps into the single source of truth for PLM across the enterprise – PTC Windchill. The same, up-to-the-minute data managed and delivered in the classic, expert-user PLM interface is available in the PTC Navigate user interface with simplicity and ease – without compromise or delay.


What’s more, PTC Navigate apps can be tailored for delivery to a wide range of roles – and even extended to display data from other enterprise systems in context with data from PLM – such as ERP, CRM, MES, Quality tools, and more. These “mashups” will offer new insights and learnings to PLM data by placing engineering data in context with the enterprise – and enterprise data in context with engineering. By enabling more widespread access to PLM – the single source of truth for product data and change – to every organizational stakeholder who needs it, PTC Navigate will help companies reduce costs from poor quality or waste, improve productivity through more streamlined collaboration, and speed time-to-market with quicker, more accurate, and more efficient decision-making.


PTC Navigate offers:

  • Ease of deployment and adoption
  • Out-of-the-box access and fast, efficient set-up
  • Simple tailoring to meet your organization’s specific needs
  • Speed and simplicity to add new data sources and new user experiences
  • Upgrade-independence: user experience doesn’t change as back-end systems change
  • Already a customer of PTC Windchill 10.1 or later? No need to upgrade to use PTC Navigate!

If you missed last week’s webinar, which includes a detailed demonstration of PTC Navigate, a recording of it is now available on

Be sure to also join us for our next webinar, “PLM for all Design Data with Windchill 11”, on Tuesday, April 5th at 11 am EST. 

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