PTC Creators ProgramTM – 2nd Year Application

Thank you for your continued interest in PTC and the Creators Program. We hope the program has brought value to your business and that you will enjoy all its benefits in the 2nd year as well.

Start your 2nd year application here

Please, take a moment to let us know how your startup is doing, and help us understand your company’s outlook, experience with the Creators Program, and how we can further support you.

All startups who meet the 2nd year eligibility criteria and requirements are welcome to continue participating in the Creators Program:

  • Meet all program entry criteria (except for the requirement of being a new PTC customer)
  • Have a published company website with sufficient information about your company, purpose, vision, business activities, and product(s)
  • Provide a testimonial in your 2nd year application about the value obtained from the Creators Program (this testimonial may be used externally or internally to promote the value of the program)
  • Provide 2 statements in your 2nd year application (for internal use only)
    • Looking back: What has your company accomplished in the 1st year of its participation in the Creators Program?
    • Looking forward: What is your company planning to accomplish in the 2nd year of its participation in the Creators Program?

Let’s begin with some basic information.