Build Better IIoT Solutions with the Best IIoT Platform

To turn the promise of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into a powerful reality, you need a platform purpose-built for industrial applications. With extensive domain expertise built on nearly two decades of IoT innovation, PTC's ThingWorx is an IIoT platform with the functionality and flexibility needed to drive a rapid ROI—while offering the security and scalability required to expand IIoT solutions throughout your enterprise.

ThingWorx Platform Capabilities

ThingWorx leads the market as the platform with end-to-end IIoT capabilities. From connecting your assets and building role-based experiences, to delivering valuable data insights and orchestrating smart assets, ThingWorx provides the IIoT features you need for success.

Connect Assets and Systems

Industrial connectivity facilitates communication with industrial assets, and provides access to OT and IT data—whether that data is housed in on-premise web servers, off-premise cloud applications, or sitting on the edge.

Build IIoT Applications

Create robust industrial IIoT applications faster and more flexibly than ever before. Harness deep functional capabilities and our robust IIoT partner ecosystem, to develop feature-rich IIoT applications that multiply your return on investment.

Manage and Orchestrate Assets

Manage your connected devices and control processes centrally. Leverage out-of-the box functions and applications to ensure optimal performance of assets and operations. Use automation to drive application workflows and human processes.

Act on Data Insights with Analytics

Manage the substantial volumes of data generated by your devices, systems, and operations. Industrial analytics and machine learning transforms your industrial data into actionable insights.

Empower Workers with IIoT-driven Experiences

Leverage your IIoT data with role-based views and applications. Ensure the right people get the right information, right when they need it. Seamlessly integrate with PTC's Vuforia AR solutions to transform your workforce.

Accelerate Your IIoT Initiatives

Jump-start your IIoT projects with ThingWorx Industrial Apps. PTC Marketplace can help you ramp-up even faster. The ThingWorx Developer Portal is loaded with tools for builders to evaluate and explore ThingWorx.

Customer Success: Bell and Howell Drives Innovation with IIoT-enabled Service

Facing demand to optimize service and reduce costs, Bell and Howell embraced IIoT-driven innovation. They used ThingWorx to transform tens of thousands of previously unconnected assets into smart, connected products. They’ve also transformed service—from predictive maintenance and remote service, to first-time fix rates exceeding 92%.

Test. Build. Prove Value. Join the Developer Portal.

Loaded with tutorials, guides, videos, and software trials, the ThingWorx Developer Portal is a must-visit if you're looking to test drive IoT apps, or rapidly build your own IIoT pilot projects.

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