ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps:

The ThingWorx® Manufacturing Apps are easy-to-deploy, pre-configured role-based apps that enhance visibility, productivity, and performance across the factory. The apps work with KEPServerEX® to provide seamless connectivity and real-time data visualization to the right people, right when they need it.

Follow these 3 simple steps to access the portal to download the apps:

  1. Register below
  2. You will then receive a Confirmation Email (approximately 10 minutes after you registered) asking you to please confirm your email address. (Please check your Spam folder if you do not receive it)
  3. Once you confirm your email you will receive a Verification page that includes a link to the portal where you can download the apps

Once on the portal you will be able to download the ThingWorx® Manufacturing apps, that can be installed and configured in under 60 minutes without impacting production, and that are fully web-enabled and accessible via any browser. The apps include:

  • ThingWorx Controls Advisor—Enables controls engineers to remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity
  • ThingWorx Asset Advisor—Enables maintenance teams to remotely monitor and detect anomalies across all assets
  • ThingWorx Production Advisor—Provides production managers with real-time visibility and remote insight into production line performance and status

Register for the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps today, and be on the lookout for the follow up confirmation email.


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