New Video: The Questions to Ask When Integrating Equipment

Legacy machines are the backbone of factories. They were built to last—and then some. But when coming into today’s fourth industrial revolution, legacy equipment can seem outdated at best and obsolete at worst. It falls on plant floor operators and engineers to figure out how to make their legacy tools perform at the same pace as the today’s modern tools. And they’re finding that the best way to keep the entire plant floor optimized is to integrate legacy and modern tools—for one robust, in-depth set of data that encompasses all equipment, products and users.  

Questions to Ask About Integrating Legacy Solutions

PTC has helped many manufacturers update and integrate their plant floor—building on the tools they have to create data connection and integration across even their oldest equipment. In this new “The Top Three Questions About Legacy Equipment” video, we’ve consolidated the main questions that manufacturers have asked us when getting started on their integration journey.   

In just two minutes, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at common concerns—and how to address them—directly based on PTC expertise. Watch the video to learn the right questions to ask—and what to expect—when determining how to integrate your legacy assets with IoT solutions, be it through in-house workarounds or IoT platform solutions.

Watch “Top Three Questions” Video