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Written By: Bob Neubaum

In 2013, ThingWorx launched the first marketplace for the internet of things. Over the past 5 years, more than 8,500 users have registered to be a part of this exciting community.

We are excited to announce that PTC has enhanced the ThingWorx Marketplace so that all PTC partners, customers and prospects can find or promote solutions that accelerate digital transformation.   

As a member of the PTC Marketplace, you can drive adoption of your solutions, showcase your industry expertise, leverage existing market-ready solutions and build alliances to create even more innovative solutions. And, with unlimited publishing, you can promote your apps, solutions and services as soon as they’re available!

The PTC Marketplace also provides a risk-free testing ground for innovative, outside-the-box ideas. With access to the right audience you can see which of your offerings are performing well.

“Having our Software Security Extensions for ThingWorx readily available on the Marketplace has allowed us to jointly promote our product with PTC and collectively offer customers a readily available solution. It has also given customers confidence that our solution has been validated with ThingWorx and is production ready.” ─ Brian Smith, VP of Sales and Business Development at Device Authority

Whether you are a solution builder or a solution buyer, the PTC Marketplace has resources you need. Visit the Marketplace today to browse our market-ready solutions and start collaborating with innovative thought leaders in your industry.

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About the Author

Bob Neubaum

Bob Neubaum is the Director of the PTC Marketplace Program and is based out of Exton, Pennsylvania. He has spent the past 10 years working within PTCs Partner Program and within other roles helping companies understand and implement IoT.