Building a Customer-Centric Service Team

Parata Systems, a leading pharmacy automation company, was looking to create a better experience for their customers. They struggled with challenges that many equipment suppliers face, such as:

  • Customers with complex needs, but shrinking budgets
  • Strategically choosing technology that would provide competitive differentiators, both short-term and long-term
  • Reducing internal cost-to-service, while keeping ahead of customer needs

Learn how Parata was able to overcome those challenges and accelerate their service optimization in our live-recorded webcast, “Proving the Value of Industrial IoT.” Dan Sullivan, VP of Customer Success at Parata Systems, along with Jenna May, Lead IoT Software Engineer at Parata Systems, discuss how the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform helped them develop proactive service alerts, utilize machine learning, and drastically lower time-to-service.

Parata Systems ThingWorx Quote

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