Bell and Howell’s CEO Explains Their IoT Predictive Service Journey

When Walmart customers make an online purchase, they want their in-person pick-up experience to be seamless and simple. Walmart’s Pickup Tower—created by Cleveron, an Estonian technology company, and distributed in the United States exclusively by Bell and Howell—provides a fully automated click-and-collect pick-up process, in as few as 10 seconds. Walmart customers can simply enter a code sent to them at the Pickup Tower, and then the innovative robotic system retrieves and delivers their package. 

With the large volume of packages each Pickup Tower handles, Bell and Howell wanted to make them as efficient and reliable as possible. By using the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform, Bell and Howell has reduced Pickup Tower downtime, improved its first-time fix rates and increased overall Pickup Tower performance. 

Register for the PTC livestream, “An IoT Transformation: Bell and Howell” to learn from Bell and Howell CEO Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan how ThingWorx IoT technology is enhancing their industry-leading service and helping Walmart stay ahead of the competition in customer experience. 

During the livestream, attendees will learn how:

  • Bell and Howell chose their IoT solution, and how ThingWorx has improved Bell and Howell’s predictive service and maintenance
  • IoT solutions are influencing Bell and Howell’s long-term product and service goals
  • Bell and Howell implemented their IoT remote monitoring service solution and their long-term plans for additional IoT projects

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