Workforce challenges in the digital era

Manufacturers are facing a workforce crisis. From skilled veterans retiring to increasing labor costs and products and processes becoming more complex – how can you attract, train, and retain the talent necessary to remain competitive in global markets and meet changing customer demands?

PTC is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers improve workforce productivity and gain a competitive advantage with industry leading industrial IoT, augmented reality, and product lifecycle management solutions.

Workforce Productivity Solutions

PTC’s Manufacturing Workforce Productivity Solution

Provide your workforce with the right information at the right time and in the right context. With industrial IoT, AR, and PLM technologies from PTC, you can:

  • Provide step-by-step digital and augmented reality work instructions to reduce errors and maximize labor productivity
  • Enable remote guidance to ensure every worker can perform their tasks effectively and confidently
  • Bridge the skills gap and improve training for new and existing workers
  • Automate data capture and reduce the burden for traceability for quality and compliance
  • Ensure workers are equipped with up-to-date information from across IT and OT systems
  • Bring manufacturing and engineering closer together

This powerful, purpose-built solution ensures your entire workforce can make better decisions, be more productive, and adapt in real-time.

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