Drive Digital Transformation Across Your Manufacturing Organization

Modernize the Entire Product Lifecycle

Foster Collaboration and Drive Innovation Across Functions

Growing product complexity, increasingly distributed processes and systems, and fast time to market. These are a few of the drivers pushing manufacturers to urgently modernize through digital transformation. PLM, once solely an engineering product development tool, has quickly become central to any digital transformation initiatives. 

PLM enables the collaboration across enterprise functions and processes that is crucial to stay ahead of market and customer demands. And PTC’s enterprise PLM solution, Windchill, fosters collaboration from the point of product conception through manufacturing, device connectivity and field service. 

Windchill enables the digital transformation of the BOM into a universal, consolidated view of all product data. This creates a continuous digital thread – a seamless flow of data extending upstream and downstream from engineering. Using Windchill, manufacturers realize many benefits, including:

• Lower product development costs 
• Higher product quality 
• Higher customer satisfaction
• Greater product innovation 
• Improved productivity 

iRobot’s Journey to Product Nirvana

Listen to iRobot’s Steve Drzewiczewski, Senior Manager of Collaborative Applications, and Kevin Wrenn, PTC’s Divisional Vice President and General Manager of the PLM Segment as they discuss how iRobot was able to break down the barriers between engineering and operations to save time and reduce cost.

Today’s Best-in-Class companies are embracing a new era of digital transformation in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). As a result of their efforts to generate a collaborative and connected PLM environment, these companies enjoy superior results in cost reduction, quality improvement, and accelerated time-to-market.

– Aberdeen Study, Connected PLM Meets (and Beats) Product Complexity
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Connected PLM Meets (and Beats) Product Complexity

With the smart, connected product boom, companies find themselves facing an array of daunting product development challenges. The best-in-class companies have figured out ways to leverage PLM to transform their product development process and beat these challenges. With connected PLM, these organizations see a 22% increase in engineering productivity and 21% improvement in first-pass yields compared to the industry average of 9% and 5% respectively. Learn more in this new report from Aberdeen.

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