PTC Customer Home and eSupport Release Notes

Find out what's new and changed in our online customer tools.


  • Portal
    • Addressed a Content Security vulnerability in the header of ;
    •  Corrected date format for Japanese on the Alert Detail Page;
    • Updated the table to correctly display recommendation type icon for SCP recommendations;
    • Fixed an issue on the Renewal Survey to ensure distribution continuity; 
    • Corrected a bug which was preventing publishing of localized product alerts;
  •  Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Updated the Security Vulnerability Report to consolidate and simplify the process of reporting vulnerability issues;
    • Updated “Resolved Date” timestamp in the Case Viewer to reflect customer’s time zone for consistency;
  • Article Viewer 
    • Fixed a bug that duplicated Article Feedback entries;
    • Addressed an “Article Not Found” which was preventing access to some non-English articles;


  • Portal
    • Created additional filter in Dylan to provide cleaner results for CADDS
    • Redesigned Dylan’s Arbortext data model to ensure relevance of the returned results
    • Updated the Build Dylan Models scripts to align with the renaming of Integrity Products to Windchill
  •  Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Refresh case details on regular basis to allow real-time interaction with the Case Viewer
    • Enabled customers to see their case escalation date within both Case Timeline and Case Details sections, thus enhancing transparency
    • Redesigned Case Viewer page to remove duplicate information and improve clarity
  • Article Viewer 
    • Added embedded federated search text field, enabling customers to perform a follow up query directly from Article Viewer
  • IT
    • Corrected an issue to allow Reference Documents to be saved with their original filename


  • Portal
    • Updated look and feel for eSupport login and home pages for all users in all languages;
    • Added new on-page links make it easier to find what you need;
    • The icon links that were below Knowledge Base search bar are now text links next to the Knowledge Base search bar
      New feedback form available;
    • The July 24 updates are the first in a series of ongoing changes PTC is making to improve online experiences. If you’d like to be part of user research efforts at PTC, send an email to the PTC Voice of the Customer team at
    • Deleted or unpublished reference documents are removed from incremental crawls; 
    • Updated Support Portal cookie settings based on changes;
  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Introduced new four subsections under “Working” status to ensure cases are correspondingly routed, while enhancing clarity for customer; 
    • Removed Case Viewer status subsection fields for cases with “Information Received” status in Salesforce to avoid ambiguity;
    • Addressed an issue that made daylight saving changes affect case routing;


  • Portal
    • Addressed a bug that prevented from displaying banners according to product preferences
  • Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • Removed Created Date from Article Viewer  for improved experience in Google;
    • Added latest Product and Release mappings to Update Advisor for Windchill RV&S, ensuring information vitality; 


  • Portal
    • Completed the rebranding of Integrity Requirements Connector products to Windchill Requirements Connector; 
  • Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • Region field added to Web Account Case Logger to ensure cases are automatically routed for optimal case processing;
    • Enhancement to direct all cases coming from the License Management Tools to the Licensing team;
    • Addressed an issue that made daylight saving changes affect case routing;
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct display of Call Center working hours when logging a case;
    • To increase relevance of Dylan’s recommendations, articles linked to data-specific SPRs are removed from the array of suggested articles;
  • Article Viewer 
    • Introduced an A/B test on the Article feedback widget to assess whether customers define content quality more accurately when prompted to select from a scale rating model;
    • Article Viewer application strings have been restructured to improve production stability
  • Update Advisor
    • Addressed an issue that prevented datecode mappings to properly reflect the Update Advisor history;
  • Online Success Guide
    • To enable access for our worldwide customers, the Online Success Guide is now available into new three languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean; 


  • Portal
    • Completed the rebranding of Integrity products to Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager);
    • Performed full investigation of “loss of email subscriptions” issue;
    • Addressed an error that prevented On-Demand System Scan from handling non-UTF-8 compressed archives ;
    • Introduced a new page on On-Demand System Scan to show customers the available detections, improving transparency and value of the service;
    • Improved visibility of software downloads on the eSupport Portal by updating the design of the download icon;
  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Protected domain ranking, external discoverability and look and feel of articles in Google hits by adjusting and unifying article mark-up; 
    • Update Advisor for Windchill and Creo, ensuring information vitality;
  • Article Viewer
    • Extended capabilities of the Article Viewer widget to enable customers to export articles to PDF;


  • Portal
    • Renamed and migrated Servigistic InService product to PTC Arbortext Content Delivery
    • Extended capabilities for On-Demand Systems Scan to include Windchill Diagnostic Utility, enabling early detection and improving proactive customer support     
    • Added a new filtering option enabling customers manage their Articles subscriptions and prevent from sending unwanted emails
  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Added direct links to Proactive Support Components (ODS, Recommendation Tracker, Recommendation Gateway) to improve navigation between Proactive pages
    • Revised case logger message to accommodate recent update to correlate SCN with request type, enhancing clarity to customers
    • Completed rename of ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity to ThingWorx Kepware Server and assisted Product Management with new release communication
    • Implemented an entitlement check mechanism to inform customers when opening a case related to a 3rd party software that is not supported


  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Enhanced customer experience when opening a case with Cloud Services by improving wording clarity
    • Correlated SCN with request type in the Case Logger to ensure appropriate qualification of Cloud Incidents and Services Requests
    • Case Closure Reason displayed for cases which are set to auto-close, increasing our transparency to customers
    • Provided a fix to prevent corruption of Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters on PTCU cases
    • Enabled customers to label their On Demand Scans for later reference
  • Article Viewer
    • Protected readability and external discoverability of articles by fixing image scaling and text wrapping issues in the Responsive Viewer


  • Portal
    • Built a page to provide official information on PTC’s Shared Responsibility model.
  • Article Viewer
    • Added a note to Machine Translated articles to mitigate translation issues and encourage customers to share feedback.
    • Protected PTC’s SEO ranking by rectifying scroll and overlay issues on the Responsive Article Viewer.
    • Article viewer handles now new release nomenclature for all products.
  • Proactive Digital Experience
    • Addressed a cosmetic bug with the Title in the Recommendation Viewer, to improve readability.


For release information prior to the last 12 months, please refer to our archive.