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Customer Support Guide

As part of the Integrity product several APIs are maintained for building custom integrations, applications, triggers & reports. These technologies include, but are not limited to Java, C, JavaScript etc.

Customizations provided by PTC Integrity for use by the customer will be supported by PTC Technical Support. This includes, sample trigger scripts, report recipes, Open Source integration signed by PTC etc. 

Customizations made by PTC Global Services, the customer, or any third party organization (open source or otherwise) are only supported in the following manner:

PTC Technical Support engineers will not develop code for customers, nor are able to assist in debugging or troubleshooting pure code unless a product defect is identified and can be reproduced in a test environment with a concise sample. Technical Support can provide general guidance on creating or formatting a specific customization, but the actual creation or maintenance is the responsibility of the customer.

Support is limited to the use of supported APIs that have been documented in the Integrity Integration Builder's Guide and other related documentation.  Whether to make an unsupported API supported is at the discretion of PTC.

In some cases, you will have to submit code to Technical Support to demonstrate a behaviour. Rather than sending the entire application/package, send in an example that demonstrates the specific use case as concisely as possible. Technical Support will not troubleshoot or debug large code examples (hundreds of lines).

OpenSource product builds that are signed by PTC R&D as the publisher are supported by PTC Technical Support. OpenSource products can be downloaded, used, and modified under the GPL license agreement by any third party. Any fork of the software, or interim development builds of the software, regardless of the owner of the changes contained within, are supported in the same manner as a customization. With any OpenSource product, PTC Technical Support will not develop code to resolve a reported issue.

If you need consulting services to assist with development or support of a custom integration or application, please contact your PTC Sales Representative.