Customer Support Guide

ThingWorx Analytics Support

Version 2.0 - June 2016

Support Service Description

ThingWorx Analytics Support Services are designed with the data analytics solution lifecycle in mind, providing support and guidance that is focused on your success.

Support Service Benefits

Receive support from Technical Support Engineers having in-depth knowledge of PTC’s Analytics Technology.

Support Service Features

Platform Support

  • Description:  Platform Support provides assistance with the “how-to” aspects of monitoring and managing your ThingWorx Analytics environment, from installation and configuration of the platform to guidance on scalability, integrations and extensions. Services are delivered by specialized Technical Support Engineers who are experienced with the critical nature of production environments. 

Data Engineering Support

  • Description: Data Engineering Support provides assistance in answering “how-to” questions on core Data Engineering functions, such as adding new feeds or aggregating and transforming structured data to map to specific analytics use cases. Services are delivered by specialized Technical Support Engineers who are experienced in the best practices of data modeling within the ThingWorx Analytics platform. 

Support Service Availability

  • 24 X 7 Access to log Technical Support cases
  • 24 X 5 Access to Technical Support Engineers
  • Support available in English only  

Support Service Investment

  • Included in GOLD Support Package  

Support Service Level Targets

The Service Level Targets indicated below shall not be construed as commitments of PTC, reasonable efforts will be made to respond to your cases per the following guidelines.

Target Name

Target Measurement

Response Time

The timeframe in which a quality first contact can be expected

Enterprise Down

< 1 hour

Severity 1

< 2 hours

Severity 2

< 4 hours

Severity 3

< 4 hours

Response Frequency

The indicative timeframe in which communication detailing progress, next steps, and/or current status may be provided, while PTC owns the next action **

Enterprise Down

Continuous, as needed

Severity 1

< 3 business days

Severity 2

< 5 business days

Severity 3

< 7 business days

Enterprise Down Recovery

The duration between a case being set to the Enterprise Down severity level and an accepted solution or workaround that restores operations

< 24 hours

**   Cases at a status of SPR Filed are excluded from this target.

See PTC Global Support Terms and Conditions for additional information and exceptions