Customer Support Guide

TS Account Manager (TSAM)

Version 2.0 - June 2013

Support Service Description                                  

A PTC Technical Support Account Manager (TSAM) is your company's personal advocate for leveraging the breadth and depth of PTC's Global Support System, ensuring that your critical issues receive the appropriate attention quickly and accurately.                                                                                         

Support Service Benefits                              

Serving as an extension of your support team, your TSAM works seamlessly with the entire Technical Support organization to help ensure consistent management and prioritization of your critical support issues and project-based support requirements. As a PTC "insider", your TSAM offers exclusive insight and access to the PTC Technical Support and R&D organizations navigating through the internal systems and processes available only to PTC personnel.                                                                                   

Support Service Features                            

TSAM with PLATINUM Support 

Includes GOLD/GOLDplus support features and the following features:                                             

PTC Advocate                    

  • Description: An extension of the customer's team, the TSAM works inside PTC to ensure priorities are not only visible within the support systems and understood by the technical support teams, but also Sales, Global Services, R&D and Product Management.
  • Benefit: Customers cases and questions are handled according to the customer's priorities related to update, migrations or other significant projects vs. cases handled more generally within all of the cases that are submitted.

Service Objectives Management                      

  • Description: The TSAM meets with their customer at the beginning of the engagement to document and understand customer requirements of support services and the business outcomes they wish to achieve.
  • Benefit: The result is an agreed upon Service Objectives Document to ensure the customer understands and can measure the value of their TSAM and/or Premium Services investment.

Customer Intelligence Management                 

  • Description: To gather, analyze, store, and share knowledge & information about your organization and IT environment. Information is shared, as applicable, with PTC's Platinum Support Desks.
  • Benefits: With each case submitted, PTC TSEs have access to information about your environment, saving time and effort.

Production/Project Case Management                    

  • Description: The TSAM helps categorize customer's most important/critical cases into two main areas; cases related to PTC software in Production and/or cases related to a PTC software implementation Project. As customer's transition software into operations, TSAMs help prioritize cases with the right sense of priority and urgency.
  • Benefit: The TSAM is able to effectively communicate case priority and urgency by aligning cases to actually business requirements that are well documented and understood by the entire Technical Support organization.

Support Service Features                            

TSAM with GOLD or GOLDplus or PLATINUM Support                                                     

Technical Support Advocate                 

  • Description: An extension of the customer's team, the TSAM works inside Technical Support to ensure priorities are not only visible within the support systems and understood by the technical support teams.
  • Benefit: Customers cases and questions are handled according to the customer's priorities related to update, migrations or other significant projects vs. cases handled more generally within all of the cases that are submitted.

Service Reviews                

  • Description: Working with their TSAM, customers have the opportunity to communicate and agree on the specific needs and requirements of their organization. These needs and requirements are documented and shared with the Technical Support teams.
  • Benefit: The TSAM will ensure that regular service reviews are scheduled with the customer to review the outcomes of those needs and requirements, ensuring continued value in the Technical Support services provided.

Case Management            

  • Description: The TSAM will organize cases according to customer's needs and priorities. Customer's cases are prioritized and worked on in alignment to customer business need / business impact utilizing most appropriate PTC support features and processes.
  • Benefit: Customers' submitted cases receive a special level of effort within the PTC support systems to ensure those cases are handled in the manner the customer is expecting.

SPR Management              

  • Description: When a case is identified as a software issue, the case is managed and tracked through an SPR (Software Performance Report). These SPRs will be tracked and monitored by the TSAM.
  • Benefit: The TSAM can help drive the resolution process through interactions with TSEs and PTC R&D to ensure the appropriate priority is placed on an SPR that may be effecting the completion of a task or milestone with the customer's projects or production environment.

Release & Patch Coordination             

  • Description: The TSAM helps to manage the delivery of software changes in upcoming releases or patches.
  • Benefit: When SPRs result in patches or a new maintenance release is available, the TSAM helps customers plan for the implementation. This assistance helps customers avoid pitfalls or conflicts with non-PTC technology or other related PTC releases.

Customer Education of TS Tools & Processes             

  • Description: The TSAM will arrange or conduct personalized training of the Technical Support Tools and processes available as well as guidance on developing a support strategy. TSAM will assist to ensure that customer support team has visibility and required knowledge about PTC Web tools an processes in order to be efficient when working with PTC Support.
  • Benefit: Customers receive inside tips and tricks on best practices to help customers achieve the highest value possible for their support investment and maintain a high-level of uptime and productivity for software users.

Escalation Management             

  • Description: The customer has the ability to escalate any case or service issue directly to their TSAM. The TSAM will work with PTC resources within Technical Support and R&D and report progress to the customer. The TSAM will also determine if any additional levels of internal escalation are warranted.
  • Benefit: Escalation directly to a TSAM provides a single point of contact within Technical Support and allows the TSAM to coordinate the escalation activity on your behalf.

Activity Reporting            

  • Description: The TSAM provides standard and/or customized reports about activity levels, resolutions and open issues. The report is connected to the customer's business needs and requirements.
  • Benefit: Customers gain insight into the full scope of the support services provided and how any documented plans have been aided by the support effort.

Support Service Availability                                   

The TSAM service engagement is sold in 12 month increments and is usually matched to the customer's annual Support Contracts.  The TSAM service is staffed according to the customer's unique requirements around citizenship, language, and time zone.

The TSAM is available for regular and ad-hoc Conference Calls:

  • Monday to Friday

         Standard Business Hours (usually 9am - 5pm local time)

  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

         As required with advanced notice and at PTC's discretion

NOTE: Language skills include English, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean speakers. For all other language requirements, the TSAM service will be delivered in English.                       

Support Service Capacity                             

A TSAM Engagement is to be contracted for every PTC-based Application, an Application being uniquely identified by a set of Business features, a physical server and a team of administrators.  Therefore multiple TSAM Engagements will have to be contracted if the customer would like to leverage the TSAM benefits on multiple Applications. 


Support Service Investment                                  


Technical Support Account Management (TSAM) Service is available as additional paid service on top of the customer's standard Support Packages.

NOTE: A TSAM purchase is required for the Platinum Support Package.                                                                          

See PTC Global Support Terms and Conditions for more information