Customer Support Guide

Support Recommendations

Version 1.0 - October 2016

Support Service Description

Support Recommendations leverage data streamed by PTC’s Smart & Connected Products to detect known issues in your environment and provide solutions to address them. When one of your environments is affected by a known issue your administrator will receive a Support recommendation, including steps to resolve or workaround the problem. These recommendations are suggestions to resolve general stability and performance issues and could prescribe changes in hardware configuration, software settings, and software updates.

Support Service Benefits

Known issues occurring on your system are detected automatically and you receive detailed explanations of how to solve them without any need to engage Technical Support yourself, either through the eSupport portal or through a case.

Support Service Features

eSupport integration

  • Description:  Support Recommendations are integrated and highlighted in multiple locations of the eSupport Portal to help you access, review and apply them. A Recommendation list allows you to review all Support Recommendations received for your PTC Smart & Connected products and easily identify which ones should be implemented for the biggest return on investment.

Proactive Zone

  • Description: The Proactive Zone is a one stop shop to ensure that your Administrators’ journey towards Smart & Connected support is a success. You are quickly able to identify which of your PTC Smart & Connected Products are sending data to PTC, and what the next steps are to receive additional value from Connected Support services. The Proactive zone also offers educational materials for proactive support, as well as dynamic, detailed information on ongoing recommendations and proactive investigations.

Support Service Availability

  • 24 X 7 Available online from our eSupport portal
  • Support Recommendations are available to any Customers with an active Support contract (GOLD, GOLDplus and PLATINUM level of support) at no additional charge.

NOTE: As our Connected Support Services are using data streamed by PTC Smart & Connected Products, it is required for our Customers to have their PTC Smart & Connected Products sending data to PTC to benefit from those services.