Customer Support Guide

Software Releases

Version 2.0 - June 2013

Support Service Description

PTC R&D develops enhancements to existing software that is made available to customers with active support agreements.  The schedule of releases is made available to customers for both the continuous maintenance releases and the "First Customer Ship (FCS)" dates of brand new releases.

Support Service Benefits

You will be able to plan for and take advantage of productivity enhancing improvements through the adoption of releases.  With each release, you will be able to avoid issues, add new capabilities, improve integrations and ensure security.  With access to the release schedule you can plan the adoption of these releases in advance so you can use these advancements to stay ahead of the competition.

Support Service Features

Major Releases

  • Description: A continuous stream of software enhancements and new functionality.
  • Benefit: Improve innovation, productivity and competitive advantage by utilizing features that are improved from prior versions or introduced in a new release. Major releases also improve or introduce integrations within PTC's product families and with non-PTC products. These improvements are often designed to create or sustain compatibility with the latest hardware, operating systems, browsers and other software applications.

Maintenance Releases

  • Description: A continuous stream of software improvements and fixes.
  • Benefits: Improve uptime and productivity with software issue resolutions and integrations developed for releases in between major releases. Customers who plan for a regular adoption of maintenance releases can analyze the benefits of updating to each one. Updating software prevents users and administrators from experiencing issues that may slow down their performance by taking advantage of corrective measures that are included in each maintenance release.

Security Updates

  • Description: Stand-alone software releases provide the most current Windchill security updates that can be installed independent of any other update. The functionality is then included in the next available maintenance release.
  • Benefits: Reduce risks to your IP and sensitive material, by taking advantage of the significant effort invested in protecting your Windchill systems. You can implement security updates with minimal interruption because they are independent of other software releases.

Upgrade and Migration Support

  • Description: A special team of R&D developers creates and supports tools and provides assistance to technical support as needed.
  • Benefits: You will benefit from the dedicated team of people who have developed processes and tools to help make upgrades and data migrations easier and more reliable. This team is also a resource for Technical Support engineers when they need assistance with logged cases regarding your projects.

Kernel Owned by PTC

  • Description: PTC develops and owns the Kernel that is the centerpiece of the Creo design applications.
  • Benefits: Software development quality and the ability to diagnose and create fixes to software performance issues are much easier to control when a software developer owns the kernel. You should feel confident about adopting each new release knowing that issues and resolutions are controlled by PTC.

Quality Software Development

  • Description: PTC software is developed in step with industry standards to produce the highest level of quality in every release, especially the initial release of a major version.
  • Benefits: Confidence in the latest releases means you can leverage the most advanced technology as soon as it is available to help you improve your designs, complete projects faster and deploy ahead of the competition.

Integrated Products

  • Description: PTC is committed to developing products that are integrated and interoperable.
  • Benefits: Eliminating the need for gateway products reduces potential obstacles to completing your design and meeting your deadlines. The development of software across product lines is planned to take advantage of new or enhanced integrations.