Customer Support Guide

Software Management                                                    

Version 2.0 - June 2013

Support Service Description                                  

Manage the deployment and maintenance of your software through PTC's licensing and download tools.  Retrieve the full accounting of your software investment and accurately forecast your future business needs.                                                                                    

Support Service Benefits                              

Optimize your organization's software purchases and deployments.  The Software Management tools will simplify your software asset management and help maximize your purchases while avoiding your budgeting risks.                                                                                    

Support Service Features                                                                            

License Management                   

  • Description: Manage your PTC licenses, site information and configurations online. Install your licenses, move your licenses to new machines, and retrieve reports on your licenses.
  • Benefit: Less time managing your licenses means more time working on your projects.

Business Asset Summary                       

  • Description: The Business Asset Summary Tool allows you to review and track information regarding purchases, installations, support status, and configurations.
  • Benefit: The ability to easily review and track your software information gives you the control you need to effectively plan your budget, implementation and software needs.

Software Update Advisor                      

  • Description: A proactive support tool that aids in the process of updating from one software Release and/or Datecode to another. The tool provides you with reports based on Reported and Resolved issues that will help you determine the value and affects of an upgrade.
  • Benefit: By planning ahead on your next software update or adoption, you can simplify your upgrade and limit your risk by avoiding known issues.

PTC Software Download            

  • Description: Allows you to select from all of the available versions of the software you have purchased and easily download that version.
  • Benefit: Staying current on the latest release is the primary strategy for achieving growth and profitability from your software investment. Increased productivity, added uptime, new features and functionality are all at the heart of driving more value from your product development process.

PTC Product Calendar                

  • Description: Provides you with the effective availability of PTC product software.
  • Benefit: Enables better planning for upgrade at customer's level.

PTC Security Updates                 

  • Description: Contains all downloadable Windchill security updates available to our customers.
  • Benefit: Facilitates easy access to critical Windchill security patches.

Platform Support             

  • Description: PTC forms relationships with its hardware partners to provide you with software and hardware compatibility, as well as the highest level of support, quality and performance.
  • Benefit: Allows educated decisions to be made by customers having to invest on hardware for their PTC software.

Report a Security Vulnerability                       

  • Description: Report a security vulnerability you have identified in PTC products. PTC Technical Support will contact you to discuss this vulnerability report.
  • Benefit: Enables customers to quickly handle security vulnerability issues that are identified with PTC product.