Customer Support Guide

Self-Guided Support

Version 2.0 - June 2013

Support Service Description

Using a range of web-based tools, users have easy access to diagnosing, correcting and avoiding issues.

Support Service Benefits

The eSupport Portal helps customer easily and efficiently navigate to resources that are best-aligned to their technical support needs.

Support Service Features

Personalized Support Home Page

  • Description: Customers can set-up their own Support page by utilizing special configuration tools, including an area for logged cases and frequently used links.
  • Benefit: By personalizing your Support home page, you can more quickly and easily access the support information and tools that are most relevant to you, saving you valuable time.

PTC Authored Knowledge Base

  • Description: A powerful search engine that queries a comprehensive library of technical articles and documentation. Customers are presented with relevant documents to answer technical questions. New articles are continuously published in the Knowledge Base by Support Engineers through a formal authoring and publishing process.The documents are written and published in three languages - English, Chinese and Japanese. See the Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Feature in the GOLD Support Desk Service for more information.
  • Benefit: Quickly and easily find answers to your questions without logging a case. The Knowledge Base not only provides resolutions to issues but also helps you avoid future issues and better understand your software features and functionality.

Embedded Software Support

  • Description: Seamlessly access your applications' online help and PTC Knowledge Base and view contextually-relevant documentation from the Knowledgebase as you are working in the application.
  • Benefit: Embedded Software Support saves you time and helps you the learn on-the-fly while you use your software. Relevant support material associated with the application you are using is presented in the Learning Connector window allowing you to immediately select those documents without conducting a separate search outside the application.

My Bookmark Portlet

  • Description: Portlets are designed to provide the key information most relevant to you. Bookmarks allow you to quickly refer from your Technical Support home page to tools or links that that are located in other areas of the PTC web site. This enables you to add key references within your support environment.
  • Benefit: This feature allows you to tailor your environment beyond the traditional Technical Support documents and features, enabling external links to any tool or document.

My Recently Viewed Documents Portlet

  • Description: Every technical documents that you referenced within your PTC Support web site will be flagged and listed within this portlet. You can choose the number of documents to be displayed and also remove documents from the list.
  • Benefit: You can quickly lookup a document you recently viewed without having to browse the Knowledgebase again, reducing your effort and maximizing your time.