Customer Support Guide

Proactive Support Alerts

Version 2.0 - June 2013

Support Service Description                                  

Email notifications keep you up-to-date on the most relevant support topics.  Customers can choose topics, frequency and products that include updates about logged support case activity, available issue resolutions, newly available software to download and important PTC Technical Support activities.

Support Service Benefits                              

Save research time and effort with automatic notifications that are delivered in the manner you choose.  Take advantage of the information provided to help avoid issues or start utilizing the latest enhancements as soon as the new features are available to download.                                                 

Support Service Features                                                                            

The Support Advisor                   

  • Description: Distributed about 8 times per year, The Support Advisor aggregates important information about software release dates, new features, common issues and their resolutions, connection to key pro-active support material such as Tech Tips sessions and special discount offers from technology partners in the Gold Loyalty program.
  • Benefit: Readers are made aware of important, productivity-enhancing support information. Administrators, IT personnel and software users will all find timely information that will help you stay ahead of issues and take advantage of the latest technical information available from PTC.

Technical Support eNews & Alerts tool            

  • Description: The Technical Support eNews & Alerts tool allows you to receive automated notifications tailored to meet your preferences on content and frequency. Receive daily or weekly notifications on changes to documents, software availability, cases, and other relevant support updates.
  • Benefit: Pro-active, personalized email alerts provide time-sensitive, relevant information. Avoid downtime and take advantage of the latest techniques and software improvements as soon as they are available. Stay up-to-date with the latest issues you are interested in.

Automatic Notification of New Releases                  

  • Description: Email notifications are sent to customers with active Support agreements to announce the release of a new, major release of the application the customer owns.
  • Benefit: Developing innovative products means you need a competitive edge. Gain that edge by using the latest software enhancements as soon as possible. Use the notifications to start preparing for your next upgrade.

Twitter Feed                      

  • Description: @PTC_Support provides bite-sized support alerts that connect customers to timely information that either helps resolve issues or helps make customers aware of new or enhanced functionality or support tools.
  • Benefit: By following PTC Support, you will be well aware of important issues that can help you manage your software environment or learn where to go to learn more about productivity-enhancing support help.

My Pending Activity Portlet                  

  • Description: Display logged case information on your Home tab within the eSupport Portal only when there are decisions that you need to make before moving forward - either closing or gathering additional information - on your logged cases. If you do not have pending activities, this portlet does not appear on the Home tab.
  • Benefit: Highlighting and "pushing" open activities to you via this Pending Activity portlet, helps keep communications open, and improves collaboration so cases can be resolved more quickly. Providing quick action buttons (e.g., Confirm, Decline, Comment, Upload File), also reduces the effort for customers to complete the action.

Announcement Portlet               

  • Description: Important information from PTC on either the service or a related product issue are communicated via our announcement portlet. The product- specific bulletins are displayed based on the active product tabs you have selected in your personalized environment. Standard bulletins are only displayed in the Home tab, leaving the product tabs focusing only on product related ones.
  • Benefit: Proactive information is communicated in a clear and structured way to customers. Customers can also decide to subscribe to bulletins to be notified even if they do not connect to PTC eSupport.

Recommended Articles              

  • Description: Technical Experts highlight recently created articles that they have determined are relevant to many customers.
  • Benefit: Proactive added value technical information highlighted to our customers by PTC trusted advisors/experts.