Customer Support Guide

Proactive Investigations

Version 1.0 - October 2016

Support Service Description

With Proactive Investigations, PTC Technical Support will use global data streamed by PTC Smart & Connected products to proactively identify and investigate unknown issues affecting users. Information collected from our connected customer base is monitored continuously and the most critical unresolved issues are identified and formally investigated proactively.

Support Service Benefits

All eligible Customers are proactively notified that one of the issues affecting their product usage is being investigated and that the solution will be communicated once available. With Proactive Investigations, PTC identifies and provides resolutions to our Customers’ issues before they become problems.

Support Service Availability

  • Proactive Investigations are initiated and investigated by Technical Support Engineers during standard Business Hours
  • This service and associated service features are only available to Subscription Customers

NOTE: As our Connected Support Services are using data streamed by PTC Smart & Connected Products, it is required for our Customers to have their PTC Smart & Connected Products sending data to PTC to benefit from those services.                   

Support Service Investment

  • Proactive Investigations are available at no additional charge to Subscription Customers only.