Customer Support Guide

GOLD Support Desk

Version 2.2 - February 2016

Support Service Description

The core of our Technical Support organization, the Gold Support Desk is a team of global Support Engineers who are certified & trained to support our customers and resellers in the ongoing support of the entire PTC software suite.

Support Service Benefits

Customers receive support directly from the software vendor ensuring the full depth and breadth of PTC's resources are applied to resolving issues.

Support Service Features

GOLD Certified Support Engineers

  • Description:  450+ Technical Support Engineers with product knowledge located in 10 Global Support Centers dedicated to assisting customers with application usage questions, issue diagnosis and resolutions and administrative processes for software updates and migrations.  TSE's access certified help documents in a single global database and are trained in the processes required to update existing documents and author new documents.  Each engineer is certified in the ISO standards required for managing cases.  TSEs also assist certified PTC Resellers. 
  • Benefit: Customers receive support directly from the software vendor ensuring the full depth and breadth of PTC's resources are applied to resolving issues.  With stringent processes and certified documentation, customers should feel confident that the dedicated support resources are working within an integrated system, designed to keep customers productive by avoiding issues, resolving issues and explaining how specific tasks can be performed with the application.

Case Lifecycle Management

  • Description: Using a lifecycle approach to resolving customer issues related to customer's Production Systems and Projects, Technical Support Engineers go through four phases; Initiation (Evaluate Logged Cases), Clarification (Consult with Colleagues, Superiors or Customers), Investigation (Access Multiple Resources for Resolutions) and Closure (Respond with Solution or Generate Next Steps).  At any time during this lifecycle, customers may submit a case to management and collaborate using our Escalation process and tools.  For customer's most critical state, an urgent level of effort for Enterprise Down issues may be applied.  Cases can be opened through the Phone and Web. 
  • Benefit: Customers can follow case progress and understand the process that is being followed within PTC.  The formal Case Lifecycle Management process leads to higher quality, faster results with visibility to the customer and PTC management. 

Sustained Support

  • Description: When the Standard Support period expires on PTC Windchill, active PTC Global Support customers continue to receive Assisted Technical Support.  During this time PTC R&D no longer provides fixes or software enhancements. See PTC Product Calendar 
  • Benefit: During the Sustained Support customers can receive Assisted Technical Support, eSupport, Pre-existing Patches or Maintenance Releases.  

ISO-Certified Support Centers

  • Description: TSE's are trained to follow a specific support process and to develop ongoing improvements to those standards.  Regular audits are performed to ensure continuous quality through the ISO9001 standards. 
  • Benefit: The result is a managed set of activities that is consistent and repeatable no matter where the case is opened around the world.  Customers experience a high-level of confidence in the manner in which their questions and issues are handled. 

Multi-Language Support

  • Description: Global support call centers staffed with multiple language support engineers. 
  • Benefit: Customers with users in multiple regions, speaking various languages will be able to interact with TSE's in their native language.

Integrated R&D Support

  • Description:  Using the SPR (Software Performance Report) process, R&D personnel work directly with support engineers to review and diagnose software issues by determining if the issue has been resolved in a more current release or if the issue needs to be addressed with a software code change.
  • Benefit: Customers' issues are handled within PTC's internal systems and PTC's personnel.  Software issues are addressed by the same organization that developed the code.

Single Global Support Database

  • Description:  Every support engineer has access to all internal and customer-facing documentation in one global support database.
  • Benefit: When issues are resolved by any support engineer in any region, the resulting resolution is available to all TSEs which leads to faster resolution for each customer.

Remote Desktop Diagnostics

  • Description:  Support Engineers can directly access your systems to identify the exact nature of an issue or guide the user in how to perform a specific task.
  • Benefit: Customers experience a faster diagnosis and resolution as the TSE can understand the nature of the issue exactly as the you are experiencing it without relying on static screen shots or written problem descriptions. 

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)

  • Description: TSEs have been trained to author, reuse, improve and publish documents using the KCS industry standard (a certified process).  The global organization is tasked with continuously improving the documents as additional information becomes available. 
  • Benefits: More up-to-date articles documenting actual customer questions with resolutions are published to the Knowledgebase on a daily basis.  Your cases are resolved more efficiently as TSEs access certified documents which have been authored and monitored to assess effectiveness.  

Support Service Availability

  • 24 X 5 Access to Technical Support consists of: Weekday Access to the GOLD Support Desk
  • Weekend Support: Weekend Access to Planned Weekend Support can be purchased as required

NOTE: Language skills include English, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean speakers.  Not all products are covered under all languages.  GOLD Support Desk is available in English only during non-business hours.  GOLD Customers can purchase a Planned Weekend Support Engagement as required.  GOLD Customers who do not have a specific Planned Weekend Support engagement with Technical Support will not be contacted over the weekend by a Support Engineer regardless of priority level.  Cases with a Severity Level of 0: Enterprise Down, 1: Business Critically Impacted, Severity 2: Business Moderately Impacted and 3: General Question/Low Impact will be responded to during the next Business Day for that customer's region. For more information on support over the weekend please see Weekend Support Service for more details.

GOLD Support Desk Weekday Availability


Start Time

End Time

North and South America

Sunday 8 p.m. 
Eastern Time (EST)  

Friday 8 p.m. 
Eastern Time (EST)  


Monday (midnight) 
12 a.m. Central 
European Time (CET)

Saturday (midnight) 
12 a.m. Central 
European Time (CET) 


Monday 9 a.m. 
Japan Standard Time 

Saturday 9 a.m. 
Japan Standard Time 

Asian Pacific 

Monday 8 a.m. 
China Coast Time 

Saturday 8 a.m. 
China Coast Time 

NOTE: Assisted support cases opened online or through the telephone with PTC Technical Support will be routed to the appropriate Support Desk (GOLD, GOLDplus or PLATINUM) based on the applicable GOLD, GOLDplus or PLATINUM SCN (Service Contract Number) used during case initiation.  Only PTC products that are supported under the GOLDplus or PLATINUM Global Support offerings will be routed to the appropriate Support Desk (GOLDplus or PLATINUM).  All other assisted support product cases will be routed directly to the GOLD Support Desk.

Support Service Capacity

PTC Windchill

  • Access to Technical Support is reserved to 2 named System Administrator per Windchill server/instance
  • Unlimited Case Creation

All Other PTC Products

  • Unlimited Case Creation

Support Service Investment

  • Included in GOLD Support Package

Support Service Level Targets

The Service Level Targets indicated below shall not be construed as commitments of PTC, reasonable efforts will be made to respond to your cases per the following guidelines. 

Target Name

Target Measurement


Response Time

The timeframe in which a quality first contact can be expected

Enterprise Down

< 1 hour

PTC Creo
  Creo Parametric
  Creo Direct
  Creo Elements/Direct

PTC Windchill
  Windchill PDMLink
  Windchill ProjectLink
  Windchill FlexPLM
  Windchill PartsLink
  Windchill MPMLink
  Windchill PPMLink

PTC Arbortext
  Arbortext Editor
  Arbortext IsoDraw
  Arbortext Content Manager
  Arbortext Adv. Print    Publisher (formerly 3B2)

PTC Mathcad

PTC Integrity

PTC Servigistics

Severity 1

< 2 hours

Severity 2

< 4 hours

Severity 3

< 4 hours

1 Business Day

Specialty product areas listed below

Response Frequency

The indicative timeframe in which communication detailing progress, next steps, and/or current status may be provided, while PTC owns the next action **

Enterprise Down

Continuous, as needed

All Products

Severity 1

< 3 business days

Severity 2

< 5 business days

Severity 3

< 7 business days

Enterprise Down Recovery

The duration between a case being set to the Enterprise Down severity level and an accepted solution or workaround that restores operations

< 24 hours

All Products

**   Cases at a status of SPR Filed are excluded from this target.

NOTE:  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all PTC products supported by PTC Technical Support.


Specialty Product Areas

PTC Creo
  Creo Elements/ Direct Model Manager/ Drawing Manager
  Creo Elements/ Direct WorkManager/ DDM
  Creo Schematics/ RSD
  Expert Framework Extension/ Advanced Framework Extension
  Expert Moldbase Extension
  Harness MFG
  Pro/PLASTIC Advisor
  Creo Mold Analysis
  Process for MFG
  Progressive Die Extension
  Routed Systems Designer
  Tolerance Analysis Extension
  Spec Driven Piping

PTC Windchill
  Windchill Product Analytics (formerly InSight and NetRegulus)
  Windchill ProductPoint
  Customization PV Client / Creo View (Clients Toolkit API)
  Windchill PLM Connector
  Windchill PPMLink
  Windchill SocialLink
  Windchill Web Parts for SharePoint
  Windchill Integrations for Embedded Software
  Work Group Manager Toolkit

Windchill CAD Interaction – WWGM Creo Schematics
  Windchill PDMLink
  Windchill PDM Essentials
  Creo Schematics

PTC Arbortext
 Advanced Print Publisher (ATI 3B2)
 Arbortext for Aerospace & Defense S1000D/S2000M

PTC Integrity
  Implementer and Toolkit (former MKS products)
  Integrity Asset Library
  Integrity Process Check
  Integrity Process Director

Graphic Server


See PTC Global Support Terms and Conditions for additional information and exceptions

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