Customer Support Guide

A PTC Technical Support Engineer will work with you to resolve your question to your satisfaction. Have the results of the pre-call checklist ready so that when the engineer contacts you, the engineer can provide you with efficient service.  Be prepared to try to replicate the issue.

If the Technical Support Engineer determines that more specific data is necessary to resolve your question, follow the appropriate procedure listed in Sending Data to PTC.  When Technical Support receives the additional information, they will contact you to confirm its receipt.

When Technical Support resolves your question, and you agree to the resolution, the status of the case is changed to "Closed".  You can still view a closed case number for reference purposes.  If you want to reopen a case that has been closed, you can do so via the eSupport Portal through Case Tracker (search for the Case Number and add a comment to your Case) or by calling Technical Support.

Note: If you have a new technical issue to report, do not refer to a closed case number.  Instead, follow the steps for contacting Technical Support to open a new case.  See Opening a Case earlier in this chapter.