Article - CS91150

Ability to propagate a subproject with a propagation change package in Integrity Lifecylce Manager

Modified: 06-Aug-2021   

Applies To

  • Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager) 2009 to 11.2


  • If you want to apply changes from a devpath to the mainline using the merge child development path functionality provided with 2009 SP5, all operations can be propagated except for configure subproject operations.
  • The following error is received if a configure subproject operation is done on a development path that is merged:
The following were not updated due to errors:
Project: <Projectname>
Sandbox: <Sandboxname>

Subproject <subproject name>: *** no action will be performed due to errors ***
Error: Change package <CPID> contains a Configure Subproject operation.
This operation cannot be propagated automatically by Resynchronize Change Package.
You must propagate this operation manually, if appropriate.
Reference Change Packages: <CPID>
  • Merging configure subproject operations should also be possible by using the merge child development path functionality.
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