Article - CS83725

Support filtering the list of available Items when creating Change Packages in Integrity Lifecycle Manager

Modified: 15-Mar-2018   

Applies To

  • Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager) 2009 to 11.2


  • Support filtering the list of available Items when creating CPs
  • Should have large numbers of Items that are in a valid state for change package creation  
  • The CreateCP dialog only filters the list of Items by 
    • (a) whether they are in a state that allows CPs to be opened 
    • (b) whether the user has permissions to create a CP against the given Item  
  • Item types available that have eligible change packages set to "everyone", which effectively reduces the filtering to only (a) above
  • ​Thus the drop down of eligible Items to create a change package against on the client can contain a very large number of Items  
  • Need more filtering options to allow users to quickly and easily select the correct Item to create the CP against  
  • At the very least the users should be able to filter by Integrity Project and by Assigned User 
  • The latter addresses the case where CP creation is allowed for everyone, but the user in question has been made the Assigned User
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