Article - CS314686

Unable to upgrade ThingWorx Analytics extension 8.4.1 to 8.5.1

Modified: 29-Oct-2019   

Applies To

  • ThingWorx Analytics 8.5


  • ThingWorx platform has been updated from 8.4.x to 8.5.0
  • ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.4.1 is present on system
  • Executing Import/Export and choosing the ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.5.1 requests a server restart
  • After Tomcat restart, the ThingWorx Analytics icon disappear
  • Attempting to import again ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.5.1 leads to errors
Unable to delete ThingWorx_Analytics_Console_Extension:8.5.1. This is likely due to other errors: Cannot delete ExtensionPackage [ThingWorx_Analytics_Console_Extension] because the following ExtensionPackages depend on it: [analysisprovider-extension]
Unable to delete ThingWorx_Analytics_Console_Extension:8.5.1.  This is likely due to other errors: ExtensionPackage ThingWorx_Analytics_Console_Extension Does Not Exist
  • ​​​​​​​Error occurred during ThingWorx Analytics Extension upgrade
  • Analytics Extension did not upgrade successfully even though upgrading them was selected during the installation/upgrade process
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