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Cognos Reports fail when using a Trusted root CA Signed SSL Certificate in Windchill PDMLink

Created: 12-Aug-2011   |   Modified: 28-Dec-2017   

Applies To

  • Windchill PDMLink 9.1 to 11.0
  • Windchill ProjectLink 9.1 to 11.0
  • Pro/INTRALINK 8.x + 9.1 to 11.0
  • Windchill PDM Essentials 9.1 to 11.0
  • PTC Arbortext Content Manager 9.1 to 11.0


  • After configuring Windchill and Cognos to use a commercial SSL certificate signed by a Trusted Root CA, Cognos Reports generate the following error:
    • RQP-DEF-0177 An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlScrollBulkFetch' status='-232'.UDA-SQL-0528 The XML parser returned the following message: "General XMLParser Error!".UDA-CUR-0000 Unable to fetch the row
  • After using ThirdPartyCertificateTool tool, receiving a SecureErrorID error when trying to run reports
    • An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlOpenResult' status='28'.
      DPR-ERR-2082 An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator. The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID:2015-01-27-17:16:45.499
  • The Apache error.log shows this SSL error at the same time the Cognos error occurs:
    • SSL Library Error: 336404609 error:140D2081:SSL routines:TLS1_ENC:block cipher pad is wrong
  •  the Cognos Configuration utility may also report:
    •  Security Alert: The certificate received from peer is not trusted