Article - CS236180

Understanding ThingWorx Platform Permissions

Modified: 06-Aug-2021   

Applies To

  • ThingWorx Navigate 1.5.0 to 9.2
  • ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Family 8.0.0 to 8.5.1
  • ThingWorx Platform 6.0 to 9.1


  • Overview of ThingWorx Visibility, Design Time, and Runtime Permissions
  • How to edit/grant users permission to entities
  • Non-admin user cannot modify entities or execute services
  • Only Administrator seems able to view or modify certain entities and execute services
  • How to update Collection Permission for an entity type
  • Common Issue with Selecting Instance versus Thing Level Permissions:
    • Why do filters appear not to work even after permissions scheme set-up?
    • Filtering/permissions problem where users can still see everything with the same template, even though permissions are granted on the Thing level
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