The Wait is Over - New Self-Service Portal Released As Fully Functional Beta

Written By: Peter Case
  • 12/14/2017
Some exciting news: at the start of 2018 you'll see a significant refresh to the eSupport portal and associated customer experience.

So that you can try it out in advance and tell us what you think, we're offering a fully-functional beta in parallel to the current eSupport website from today through to the end of January.

Here's a glimpse of what the transformation looks like:


The Wait is Over


  • 3 quotes from customers who attended our user-testing sessions. We hope you will find the same:


"Tremendously simplified"             "Seems cleaner overall"            "It's a big improvement"



Key Features

Beyond the simpler, cleaner UI, the new portal aligns the look and feel of eSupport with, offering easy access to key digital services and relevant, tailored content, based on your interests and needs.
On first access, an intuitive "on-boarding app" is shown, which gathers information about the product(s) you use and your role(s), before giving a short guided tour.
We encourage you to fill out the fields to enhance your experience.

This short video gives an overview of other key features of the page, and there is an FAQ which we'll update on a regular basis.


We’ve provided a widget at the top right of the page to share reactions and thoughts. We welcome your comments, and will assess and work on issues reported with the beta to ensure a smooth transition to the full production version in 2018.

How to access the new site ?

A banner will be displayed in the new portal from today. Just click on the link and enjoy!



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