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Note:  This is not meant to be an all-inclusive, fully detailed guide to transition Windchill to your private Azure cloud.  PTC has many options for additional Windchill-specific help, which are the Support team, your PTC Customer Success Manager, Success Management, or any of our well-qualified partner service providers.  For further questions about Azure, please contact your Microsoft representative.

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This step has 2 tasks:

Talk with PTC

Before going at it on your own, consider whether PTC’s Cloud Services offer you a more cost-effective route to achieving an cloud-based Windchill infrastructure. A statement of work can be the game changer when you do not have the right internal resources. If you are confident that private cloud is the way to go, PTC can still provide Windchill-specific support to you, leaving the private cloud expertise in the capable hands of your team and your partners.

Timing for when to involve PTC is critical. You do not want to wait until you are mid-way through the move and stuck. If your team is confident in their ability to remove dependencies that will be affected by upgrading and rehosting the Windchill instances with all its add-ons, it is still worth considering if validation from PTC or a partner who has already walked down this path would be a good risk reduction for you. 

Windchill customers also have the option to purchase a Success Plan: a set of services, resources, and guidance designed to maximize value from PTC software investments. If your organization purchased a Success Plan from PTC, you'd have a designated Customer Success Manager working with you throughout your project.

Contact a PTC cloud expert today.

Create your PTC account

You will need a PTC Support Account to download Windchill software and access technical support. This is a step that may have been completed years ago, however Support staff may have moved into new roles and login credentials could have been lost. Take some time to evaluate who has this information to ensure you can download the latest version of Windchill. 

To create your account, you must supply one of the following numbers:

  • Your Service Contract Number (SCN)
  • Your Sales Order Number (SON)
  • Your Site Number

PTC would have sent a software order fulfillment email after the purchase was completed: this email contains the information above. If you can’t find this information, contact PTC technical support.

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