Success Path
End to end high-level guidance to a successful transition

Build your Team

Start your project planning on the right foot by assembling a team of knowledgable subject matter experts and vital stakeholders.


Note:  This is not meant to be an all-inclusive, fully detailed guide to transition Windchill to your private Azure cloud.  PTC has many options for additional Windchill-specific help, which are the Support team, your PTC Customer Success Manager, Success Management, or any of our well-qualified partner service providers.  For further questions about Azure, please contact your Microsoft representative. 

Identify project owners and participants

Stakeholder support will be paramount throughout your transition to Azure. Cultivate buy-in at various levels of your organization, from high-level business leaders to frontline workers. Your most crucial stakeholder will be at the executive level: identify a well-respected, well-connected executive champion who will advocate for your initiative on an ongoing basis.

This move to Azure can affect the current roles people have with your organization and communicating that change early and often will be critical to a smooth transition.

Possible stakeholders may include:

  • Corporate executives
  • IT leaders
  • Internal-Support / Help Desk
  • End users

Once you have identified stakeholders, confirm their availability to participate. Inform each stakeholder of the roles they will play in the project and the significance of that role. It is imperative the participant commits to the role. Make them aware of the plan that will be created by the end of this Plan phase.

Determine resources needed

To achieve a successful move, you will need an experienced team. Determine whether your organization employs the right talent internally. Then consider engaging PTC or a qualified partner to bridge any gaps.

Although their professional titles may differ, typically, you need the following team members.

Project Manager: Responsible for developing and managing technology projects and their cost, time and scope

Skill sets needed:

  • Adhere to budgets and keep projects on track for successful completion within specification.
  • Report on the status of the project, drive the progress of the project to goals and manage risks.
  • Plan and coordinate project schedules, milestones and team assignments.


Technical Architect: Provide technical and architectural subject matter expertise to the development team, including communicating architectural decisions and mentoring other technical staff around the various development technologies and decisions. Serve as a technical expert to the team concerned with the development and supporting platform initiatives.

Skill sets needed:

  • Advanced knowledge around migrating data and general processes
  • Advanced knowledge around Cloud Services and Azure
  • Experience performance tuning Windchill, Oracle and SQL Server Database
  • Experience with Windchill enterprise integrations
  • Working knowledge of networking & VPNs
  • Rehost process and tooling knowledge


Implementation Specialist: Responsible for data and config deployment workstream, rehost rehearsal workstream, go-live cutover workstream, UAT issue resolution

Skill sets Needed:

  • Advanced knowledge around migrating data and general processes
  • Advanced knowledge around Cloud Services and Azure
  • Rehost tooling and process knowledge
  • Basic Windchill application troubleshooting skills
  • Windchill customization & deployment knowledge


Applications & Systems Implementer: Responsible for data transfer workstream, functional testing, process testing, performance testing

Skill sets Needed:

  • Import/Export Tools
  • Windchill Administration
  • Oracle & SQL database administration
  • Windchill customization & deployment knowledge


Security Manager: Responsible for policy alignment, validation of security policies

Skill sets Needed:

  • Knowledge of Customer security policies
  • Knowledge of Cloud platform security policies and certifications


Networking Implementer: Responsible for integrations workstream

Skill sets Needed:

  • VPN configuration & setup
  • Firewall configuration & setup


Business Users: Responsible for use case testing

Skill sets Needed:

  • Basic Windchill usage knowledge
  • Customer process knowledge


Windchill customers also have the option to purchase a Success Plan: a set of services, resources, and guidance designed to maximize the value customers get from their software investments. If your organization purchased a Success Plan from PTC, you'd have a designated Customer Success Manager working with you throughout your project.

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