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Post Deployment Support

Support your Windchill on Azure.


Note:  This is not meant to be an all-inclusive, fully detailed guide to transition Windchill to your private Azure cloud.  PTC has many options for additional Windchill-specific help, which are the Support team, your PTC Customer Success Manager, Success Management, or any of our well-qualified partner service providers.  For further questions about Azure, please contact your Microsoft representative.


Ensure the experience is the same or better than before. During and immediately following deployment, your application support team must be readily available to resolve issues. They should also know how to reach IT, if necessary. Ideally, the architect(s) and/or developer(s) who built the solution will be available to help if needed.

Support personnel should be available whenever users are at work, and potentially for after hours support at least through the Hypercare period.  Hypercare typically lasts 7-14 days. Hypercare ends when the application is functioning as expected. There may be ongoing bugs or minor fixes that developers address later.

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Log a case with eSupport using your Service Contract Number. Don’t have it? Ask the Community.

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