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Set Up your Account

Invite users to access Vuforia Expert Capture. Then, set up the account you’ll use to get help. 

Activate administrator account

The first step in setting up user accounts is to activate the administrator account. The Vuforia Expert Capture administrator will be responsible for adding and removing users across their organization. An organization selects an administrator when they finalize the purchase contract with PTC. The administrator will receive an email from “Vuforia Expert Capture,” inviting them to activate their account. The administrator will enter their name and create a password. Once active, the administrator will get access to the admin center, where they will invite and manage users

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Set up user accounts

You must create a Vuforia Expert Capture account to edit and view AR procedures. First, your organization’s administrator must add you as a new user. Second, you will receive an email inviting you to activate your account. Third, you will enter your name and email and create a password. You will use this email address and password to log in to Vuforia Expert Capture. Once active, you will have access to Vuforia Editor and Vuforia View. Single sign on is not available: Each user will set their own unique password when they create their account. At this time, an account is not required to use Vuforia Capture to record procedures.

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Create your support account

PTC offers two ways to get help.

For administrators: Vuforia Expert Capture administrators may log a case with PTC eSupport. To log a case, you must have a PTC customer account. To create your PTC customer account, you must provide your PTC customer number and your PTC Service Contract Number. Once the case has been filed, a member of the technical support team will assist you.

For users: If you don’t have or don’t know your Service Contract Number, the PTC Community is your best resource for support. Browse information about using the product, follow others’ topics, or post a new topic: a knowledgeable community member will respond and help. Anyone can explore the Community. But if you’d like to post a topic or respond to others, you must create a PTC basic account. Select the "Basic" tab on the "Create Account" page. This account is separate from your Vuforia Expert Capture account.

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