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How to Document your Procedure

Last Updated: October 15, 2019


Establishing a procedure workflow will ensure your procedures are clear and easy to understand. Here’s how to plan the best workflow and start documenting your first procedure(s) with Vuforia Expert Capture.

1. Identify and Interview your Subject Matter Expert (SME)

As a manager, you know your team best. After you determine which procedure you're documenting, identify who has the most knowledge on the subject.

Ask your SME questions such as:

  • How do you accomplish this task today?
  • Why do you complete it this way?
  • Is there an opportunity to improve the process?
  • How long does it take you to complete this task today?
  • Are there any roadblocks or challenges you’ve run into?

2. Plan your Procedure

Utilize the template below to develop an easy-to-understand summary of your procedure.

Procedure Workflow Template

Procedure Title Use a detailed title of the procedure
How do people learn this procedure today? Insert your as-is state today.
Opportunity Explain how documenting this procedure using Vuforia Expert Capture will help your organization, such as increased safety or productivity. Use data if possible.
Proposed Vuforia Expert Capture Procedure Describe what augmented reality technology you’ll be using, your plan to execute, and how long it will take to complete.
Procedure Notes Include any additional tips to note. For example, location for the capture, props needed, etc.

Example Procedure Workflow

Procedure Title Mass Spectrometer—Basic Sample Analysis Procedure
How do people learn this procedure today? This common procedure is only available as a PDF file that users often find confusing. The process is similar to other procedures that many users know, so they may not look up the correct process. Users risk doing the procedure incorrectly, resulting in inaccurate results that must be re-done. These mistakes may go undetected and effect our customers.
  • 2,700 mass spectrometers deployed at customer sites, 500+ new units shipped per year (and growing)
  • 1,200 customer install sites with 5,000 operators. Estimate 500 new operators/year.
  • Average of 10 samples tested per day per machine. Estimate 2-5 percent of samples are incorrectly tested. Cost per repeated test estimated at $200.
  • Vuforia Expert Capture improved training reducing errors by 50 percent
  • Benefits:
    • Reduced cost of rework (est. 2,700 machines x 10 tests/day x 200 days/year x 0.035 error rate x $200 x 50% = $18.9 million annual value for end customers)
    • Increased productivity
Proposed Vuforia Expert Capture Procedure
  • Use RealWear to capture 10 steps as performed by most knowledgeable expert
  • Deliver via Vuforia View on RealWear and mobile/tablet devices
  • Share to customers via QR code shared via online training guides
  • Estimated duration: 5 minutes
Procedure Notes
  • SME for procedure will be Mary Jones
  • Record in Chicago training center
  • One person sufficient to perform procedure
  • All tools, solutions, and props needed are available in the Chicago training lab

3. Document the Procedure

Along with your subject matter expert, arrange the procedure into an outline. Break down the steps and create a script. To help get started, you can use the framework below to develop an easy-to-understand summary.

Mass Spectrometer—Basic Sample Analysis Procedure—Step 1

Step One Description Take the calibration standards box out of the refrigerator
Video Capture Yes
Photo Capture Yes: Take picture of the Standard Chemical Kit
  • Lab fridge
  • Calibration Standards Chemical Kit
Notes Be sure lab kit includes sample D2

Advice for Documenting your Procedure

  • Think about how to alert the user what they should do and what they should not do
  • Be sure you have all the props you need (tools, documents to show, etc.)
  • Orchestrate assistants if appropriate: Are you the only actor and camera man, or just the camera man filming other actors?
  • Keep statements short and action-oriented (Open drawer, insert cartridge, etc)
  • Consider when to use video vs. images
  • Note any specific work instruction compliance standards
  • Don't begin documenting procedures without planning: this can lead to more rework, lower quality, and delays
  • Don't skip steps, forget steps, or jump around between steps
  • Don't combine too many details in any one step: break it apart into easy-to-understand pieces, a single cue-card page per step
  • Don't use complex methodology

4. Perform a Practice Procedure

To save time, do a quick practice procedure to ensure all the actions in your workflow procedure work and make sense. This will help to avoid any rework or having to bring your SME back to re-record any of the steps once you get to the editing stage.

Before you begin your capture, be sure the environment is ready. Take into consideration the surroundings such as:

  • Lighting: Do you need to close the blinds or is there an overhead light that might make it hard to see the capture?
  • Noise: Can you hear over large machinery or a noisy office mate?
  • Props: Are any tools needed to complete the work instructions?
  • Team: Are there additional people needed to complete the work instructions?

Advice for Performing a Practice Procedure

  • Be in front of the actual equipment in the actual setting
  • Reference your script and update it as needed with additions/corrections
  • Be sure to identify and gather any tools/props needed by the procedure
  • When more than one person is involved, make sure everyone knows who is doing what
  • Don’t wear your RealWear headsetfocus is on the subject matter, not the technology

Taking the time to thoroughly map out the work instruction will help you to avoid any rework and ensure better adoption of the work instructions and technology.

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