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Prepare to Capture Procedures

Before you put on your eyewear device to capture a procedure, there are a few things to know. With the right preparation, capturing your expertise will be significantly faster and easier than writing paper-based work instructions. 

Learn how Vuforia Expert Capture works

Using Vuforia Expert Capture, subject matter experts can document and share work instructions in three steps:

  1. An expert wearing an eyewear device uses the Vuforia Capture application to record themselves performing a procedure. They segment the procedure into key steps. The resulting output is called a "capture."

  2. The expert uploads the capture to Vuforia Editor: an easy-to-use, web-based editor built for authoring step-by-step work procedures. Content from one or many captures, along with any existing images or videos can be used to create steps in the procedure.

  3. The expert publishes the finished procedure to the Vuforia experience service. Now the procedure is discoverable and usable by frontline workers through the Vuforia View app. The procedure can also be published to a Word Document to make the content available across other systems.

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Tips and tricks for capturing procedures

Much like written work instructions, not all AR work instructions are created equal. For example, if the procedures are recorded in a dimly-lit environment or contain too much text, the workers may have difficulty understanding the instructions. Furthermore, there are several steps you can take while capturing a procedure that will make editing it faster and easier: Use the "next step," "take photo," and "place bookmark" features to create helpful reference points. 

Before you start capturing procedures, learn how to ensure your captures are clear.

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Complete training: Vuforia Capture

PTC offers a variety of training and education resources to get you up and running with Vuforia Capture. New users can review step-by-step instructions, watch free video tutorials, or purchase hands-on training. Every worker is different and learns at their own pace. Be sure to allot plenty of time to get accustomed to the software. If you’re new to eyewear devices, we recommend you practice wearing and using those devices prior to completing Vuforia Capture training.

Contact your PTC sales representative to learn more about hands-on training workshops designed to prepare the key members of your team to create and publish procedures using Vuforia Expert Capture.

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Determine your first procedure

With Vuforia Expert Capture, you can deliver your experts' knowledge to the rest of your workforce. But how do you choose which procedure to document first?

Consider these factors when selecting your initial procedure. 

  1. Business value: Identify your organization's most critical challenges. Focus on strategic initiatives, key metrics, and challenges that could be addressed using AR. Start with a procedure that takes 15-20 minutes and keep your modules within this range, to start. The work instructions should be easy for end users to consume.

  2. Best fit: Match those challenges with the capabilities of Vuforia Expert Capture. It’s important to note if utilizing Vuforia Expert Capture is the best solution.

  3. Business impact: Rank your use cases by business impact, depending on your specific business needs. Note which procedures need to be done as a series or if the procedure is standalone.  

  4. Desired outcome: Pick one high-impact procedure and clearly define your desired outcome. For example, reduce training time by 25 percent or increase first-time fix rate by 10 percent. Note the value of this procedure for your end users and stakeholders. For example, new employees can now be independently trained. As a result, trainers/experts will spend 12 more hours per week performing their jobs, thus resulting in an increase in productivity and decrease in errors. 

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