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Install Vuforia Expert Capture Software

You need three applications to use Vuforia Expert Capture: Vuforia Capture, Vuforia Editor, and Vuforia View. 

Install Vuforia Capture on devices

You must install Vuforia Capture onto each eyewear device you will use to record procedures. If you’re using RealWear devices, you must download the Vuforia Capture APK onto your computer, then install the application onto your devices. If you’re using Microsoft HoloLens, you will download Vuforia Capture from the Microsoft store (similar to installing an app on your smartphone) directly onto your devices.

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Sign in to Vuforia Editor

You will use Vuforia Editor to edit and publish step-by-step procedures. Vuforia Editor is a web-based application, so there’s no need to install any software. The application works on your computer’s web browser. Open Vuforia Editor and sign in with your username and password.

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Install Vuforia View on devices

You must install Vuforia View onto each supported device that workers will use to view procedures. These could include eyewear devices, mobile phones, or tablets. In most cases, you will download Vuforia View from your device's app store. If you’re using the RealWear HMT-1 to view procedures, you must download Vuforia View to your computer before installing the software onto the device (similar to Vuforia Capture).

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