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Get Started with Devices

Obtain the devices you will be using for your AR project. After initial setup is complete, make sure workers have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to use an eyewear device in their day-to-day job.

Set up devices

The devices you’ve chosen to run Expert Capture may require some initial setup or configuration. Verify your devices are connected to Wi-Fi and ready for use before proceeding. No need to install Vuforia Expert Capture: for now, workers are learning the basics of the device, not the software.

Learn how to use eyewear devices

Eyewear devices like Microsoft HoloLens and RealWear HMT empower workers to consume work instructions, hands free. These devices will soon become indispensable for workers of all kinds—but getting accustomed to eyewear devices takes practice. The gestures and voice commands used to interact with the device will feel strange, at first. Start acclimating workers to wearing and using the devices on the job as soon as possible. Some first-time users say wearing an eyewear device for as little as 15 minutes helped them get acclimated.

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