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Verify Security and Compliance

If you have not done so already, make sure Vuforia Expert Capture meets your organization’s security policies and compliance requirements.

Address security requirements

Check your organization’s policies and identify your security requirements. Your IT department will likely have specific rules governing software, mobile/eyewear devices, and data security. Early in the project, contact the people at your organization who are responsible for vetting new technology—addressing security concerns early will prevent delays later.

Vuforia Expert Capture is a SaaS (software as a service) solution built to safeguard users’ data and intellectual property. If your IT team has concerns about storing data in the cloud, PTC is available to address them. If you need specific security information or reports, email PTC or contact your sales representative.

Vuforia Expert Capture security features:

  • SSAE 16 SOC2 compliance
  • Content encryption for data in transit and at rest
  • Secure authentication (active directory, OpenID Connect) and single sign-on support
  • Multi-layered application security management including service isolation, network and web application firewalls, user access controls and auditing
  • Environment vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • DDoS protection for real-time monitoring and remediation for network level attacks
  • Backups and disaster recovery

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Confirm industry compliance

Determine whether the procedures you’re documenting with Vuforia Expert Capture are subject to any compliance standards. For many industries, job-based work instructions must comply with standards from various regulatory bodies. For example, Good Manufacturing Practice requires companies to maintain detailed records of updates to their standard operating procedures.

Compliance questions to consider:

  • Is your organization required to maintain paper-based work instructions? Vuforia Editor makes it easy to export procedures to PDFs or Word Documents.
  • Does your organization need copies of SOC 2 Type 1 reports? If you need reports, email PTC.
  • Do rules or regulations prevent workers from using eyewear or mobile devices while performing procedures?
  • Are workers required to document if, when, or how they perform a given procedure?
  • Are workers required to document what, who, and when changes are made to procedures?

Plan how Vuforia Expert Capture will affect your organization’s compliance processes.

Determine device requirements

You will need some combination of eyewear devices, computers, and mobile devices to use Vuforia Expert Capture. Before you select which devices to use, identify any safety and security standards that devices must meet.

Safety and compliance

Imagine the employees who will use Vuforia Expert Capture and consider the environments where they work. Are there any restrictions on the devices they can use while performing their jobs? For example, are employees required to wear helmets or safety glasses? Do devices need to be intrinsically safe for use in explosive environments? Are workers using the devices in a clean room? Document any relevant safety and compliance rules.


The devices you use to record and view procedures will temporarily store data. These devices have built-in security features, but your organization may require stricter protection. Are there data security policies that govern devices at your organization? For example, you may need to install Mobile Device Management software on the devices to allow your IT department to monitor and secure them. Document any relevant security rules.

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