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Learn the basics about Vuforia Expert Capture, and the software and hardware you need to implement this technology.

Learn the basics

Vuforia Expert Capture is an end-to-end solution built to empower rapid and intuitive creation of high-fidelity augmented work instructions. These instructions provide step-by-step guidance to operators and technicians, where and when they need it: in the real-world context of their daily work environment. Workers create work instructions hands-free, using an eyewear device. Then they can view Expert Capture procedures on eyewear devices, smartphones, tablets, and desktop or laptop computers.

Expert Capture empowers industrial enterprises to rapidly document expert knowledge and easily scale that knowledge to new, redeployed, or remote workers as hands-on training or task guidance.

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Explore features and functionality

Experts and operators use the Vuforia Capture app on an eyewear device to create augmented work instructions. They can capture hands-free, first-person, step-by-step video and images of procedures as they perform them. Using pre-configured templates that automatically create step-by-step procedures, anyone can author a procedure: no CAD data or coding required. The entire capture process is controlled by voice commands, gestures, and includes location-based steps on AR-enabled headsets.

The content created using Vuforia Capture, along with any existing images or videos, are uploaded and reconfigured into detailed procedures using the Vuforia Editor, a SaaS-based cloud platform. This allows subject matter experts, no matter where they’re located, to create polished work instructions and training content. Once the editing process is complete, procedures are published and made available for consumption across a wide range of devices. Vuforia Expert Capture procedures are automatically reformatted and optimized for every device making the viewing experience consistent and easy to follow.

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Review compatible devices

Use the Vuforia Capture application on a HoloLens or RealWear eyewear device to record procedures. Your hands remain free as you demonstrate the procedure. Use Vuforia Editor through a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser to edit the procedure. Watch the finalized procedures via Vuforia View on HoloLens or RealWear eyewear devices, mobile phones, and tables, or through Google Chrome of Microsoft Edge browsers on desktop or laptop computers. For help with consistent and complete compliance documentation, you can export procedures to Microsoft® Word documents.

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