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Develop Long-Term Strategy

Document your strategy for Vuforia Expert Capture by creating a program plan. Determine who should oversee the program, when key milestones will occur, and how you’ll coordinate your efforts across teams. Most importantly, focus on supporting your organization’s strategic business goals.

Create a program plan

Now that you’ve chosen the use cases your organization will pursue, plan how you’ll achieve and measure them. Create a program plan that outlines the value you expect to create for the business and reflects your vision for Vuforia Expert Capture. The program plan will be high level, long term, and affect multiple areas of your organization.

A program plan should specify:

  • Use cases
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Program governance
  • Program scope
  • Roadmap
  • Program risks
  • Escalation plan
  • Program operating model

Focus on quantifiable goals you expect Vuforia Expert Capture to help your organization achieve. Later, you’ll create a project plan that details how you’ll complete specific deliverables to support those goals. Document your program plan, share it with your team, and make sure everyone is working toward a shared goal. Revisit the plan as your implementation progresses, changing it as needed. Designate someone to maintain the document: a project manager, program manager, or champion.

Navigate changes in process and people

As you develop your program plan, consider how you’ll facilitate changes that Vuforia Expert Capture will bring. Your workforce will adopt a new mindset, develop new skills, and learn new technology and processes. And while necessary, change can be difficult.

To help employees embrace change, plan to:

  • Communicate consistently
  • Listen openly to concerns and questions
  • Encourage participation
  • Share the benefits that Vuforia Expert Capture will bring to the employees and to the organization as a whole
  • Obtain active and visible executive sponsorship
  • Dedicate resources to planning and enacting change management

Later, you’ll plan how to build excitement and address concerns with others at your organization.

PTC can help your organization navigate change and achieve your goals, faster. Contact your PTC sales representative to learn more about organizational change support.

Assign roles and responsibilities

Earlier, you outlined the roles you need to successfully implement Vuforia Expert Capture. If you haven’t already, document who at your organization will fill those roles. Some members of the team will be responsible for achieving the program goals, and some will be responsible for executing specific deliverables to support those goals.

Establish program governance

Organize the people on your team to facilitate success. First, decide who will be invested in and accountable for achieving key goals—typically, the champion is responsible for governing the program. If you’re rolling out Vuforia Expert Capture to multiple business units or locations across the organization, you may need multiple leaders to govern the program. A program manager may also be involved to coordinate the various teams. This role ensures alignment across teams and is responsible for meeting deadlines, following the strategy, and achieving goals.

The champion will also identify how Vuforia Expert Capture will affect various business units across the organization. They collaborate with leaders whose teams will use Expert Capture, and who may have conflicting needs. This role considers how this new technology will affect people, processes, and tools across the organization and makes decisions accordingly.

Meanwhile, the execution lead, technical lead, and other team members will focus on the day-to-day work of implementing the technology: setting up Vuforia Expert Capture and empowering others to use it. They report progress to the program manager and champion, who ensure they’re achieving the strategic vision. Decide how to organize the project contributors and who they report to. Also decide who has the authority to make important decisions and take action.

Document program scope

After you’ve decided which use cases you’ll pursue, document those use cases and the program scope. Which aspects of your organization will benefit most? Determine which people, processes, and tools will be affected by Vuforia Expert Capture. For example, your scope may include employees working at particular locations, and exclude other locations.

Later, you’ll create a Project Plan that specifies more details about the people who will use Vuforia Expert Capture and the procedures you’ll document.

Create your value roadmap

A value roadmap defines the timeline and scope for each use case and the expected value attainment for each. Estimate how much time your organization will require to fully implement your use cases. Depending on the scale of your program, your timeline could be 4 months, 1 year, or more.

Given your timeline, decide when to pursue each use case (which use case comes first, second, third). We recommend dividing your project into phases and working toward 1-2 use cases in each phase. Consider aligning phases to business quarters. Document how many phases you need, and which use cases are included in each. Build milestones into the plan and measure progress as you go.

Anticipate risks to the program

Identify possible risks to achieving your program goals and imagine how to mitigate them.

Possible risks include:

  • Subject matter experts are too busy with their day-to-day jobs to learn how to use Vuforia Expert Capture and document important procedures.
  • Employees have difficulty embracing new technology and choose not to use Vuforia Expert Capture.
  • Rigid corporate policies slow down the project.
  • The organization changes priorities and reduces support or funding for new technology.
  • It takes longer than expected to acquire the eyewear devices you need to use Vuforia Expert Capture.

Oftentimes, proactive communication, strong executive leadership, and thorough planning minimize risk.

Manage and escalate issues

Establish a process for communicating, escalating, and resolving problems that may arise. By designating key decision makers early in the project, you’ll be better prepared to address issues quickly. Make sure the team understands the chain of command.

Questions to consider:

  • Who has the authority to do and decide what?
  • If a contributor lacks the authority to make a decision, how should they escalate the issue to someone who holds more power?
  • Who should individual contributors contact to resolve day-to-day issues?
  • How can contributors get attention from leaders in a timely manner, if needed?
  • Who/how does work get approved?
  • If two teams disagree, who makes the final decision?

Establishing a clear structure for managing issues will prevent delays to the project later.

Operate the program

Decide how everyone contributing to the project will collaborate and communicate (program operating model). In some cases, the decisions made by one contributor will affect other contributors later—and you’ll need to share updates accordingly. Consider whether different workstreams need to be standardized across the program.

Questions to consider:

  • Which teams are working on what, and when?
  • How will contributors keep one another informed?
  • How often should various groups meet?
  • Which groups need to meet more or less frequently?
  • How will everyone report their progress?
  • Are there preferred communication methods or project management tools you can share?
  • What information do executive stakeholders need?

Planning how the project will operate is crucial for achieving your program goals—especially if the contributors don’t often work together.

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