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Create a Rollout Plan

Plan how your organization will introduce Vuforia Expert Capture to the employees who will use it. A thorough rollout plan helps you navigate change and encourage users to adopt this new technology.

Define your rollout plan

Plan how to support employees as they learn to use this new technology. You may roll out Vuforia Expert Capture to a large audience all at once or release it to smaller groups gradually. The specifics of your rollout plan will vary, depending on your organization’s use case.

A rollout plan outlines:

  • Who, specifically, will be using Vuforia Expert Capture?
  • What will they be using Vuforia Expert Capture for? For example, will they be documenting their expertise by capturing procedures? Will they be editing the recordings into step-by-step procedures? Or will they be viewing completed procedures to do their jobs?
  • How will you communicate with them as they get started and beyond?
  • When and how should they receive training? Who will conduct the training?
  • When should they start using Vuforia Expert Capture?
  • How will they access the devices they need?
  • How will they get assistance, if needed?
  • How will new employees get started, on an ongoing basis? Conversely, how will you revoke access for users who change jobs or leave the organization?

In addition to your first set of procedures, plan how you’ll roll out new procedures on an ongoing basis. As you create and release new Vuforia Expert Capture procedures, consider these questions:

  • Who needs access to the procedures to do their jobs?
  • When they will get access to new procedures?
  • How will they find and view procedures? For example, will you use QR codes or links?
  • How they will be notified when new procedures become available?

Your rollout plan will communicate many of the decisions you made through project planning. Document your rollout plan and share it accordingly.

Establish internal technical support

People at your organization will sometimes need technical support to successfully use Vuforia Expert Capture. To support these users, PTC recommends establishing a “help desk” within your IT department. IT personnel should complete Vuforia Expert Capture training so they’re prepared to answer basic questions and troubleshoot issues. If your organization is participating in a Vuforia Expert Capture Product and Device Workshop, invite IT employees to join. Or schedule time for the project team to train the IT personnel.

In cases when the help desk is unable to resolve the user’s issue, PTC offers technical support: your organization’s help desk personnel or Vuforia Expert Capture administrator may log a case with PTC eSupport. Once received, a member of the technical support team will assist you.

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