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How to Choose Expert Capture Pilot Participants

Last Updated: May 26, 2020


Before you deploy Vuforia Expert Capture to every worker on the front line, select a few participants to test the solution. It’s recommended that 5-15 workers across the organization get early access to Vuforia Expert Capture and provide feedback. Learn who to recruit.

Before you begin

Complete these steps:

Incorporating new tools and technology is a challenge for any business. Changes to processes, people, and equipment must scale smartly. For organizations implementing Vuforia Expert Capture, it's best to start testing the solution with a small group of workers. 

What makes a successful pilot?

Introducing Vuforia Expert Capture to a small group of workers early in the project has numerous benefits:

  • Feedback: Pilot participants will likely have valuable feedback about how to best use the solution 
  • Issue identification: Pilot participants can spot obstacles early, helping you course before the larger rollout
  • Adoption: Pilot participants can serve as advocates for Vuforia Expert Capture to their peers, which could boost adoption later on

Who should participate in the pilot?

Depending on the size and structure of your organization, the number of workers to include in your pilot varies. It’s important that you recruit people at varying levels of responsibility. These initial users do not need previous augmented reality experience, but they should be enthusiastic about embracing new technology and willing to dedicate time to the project.

Recruit 1-3 managers

Select 1-3 managers who oversee operators at your organization. Their job title may be “process engineer,” or another moniker. Managers are responsible for ensuring work procedures are technically correct and up to date. These contributors will use Vuforia Editor.

Recruit 1-3 experienced workers

Select 1-3 highly experienced employees whose knowledge you hope to leverage using Vuforia Expert Capture. Their job title may be “operator,” “machinist,” or another moniker. Look for the workers that new employees tend to seek out for advice or help. These could be subject matter experts who author job-based work instructions or train new workers. These workers will use Vuforia Capture.

Recruit 2-5 frontline workers

Select 2-5 employees who will be using Vuforia Expert Capture procedures to do their jobs. These participants frequently use standard operating procedures and work instructions. They will use Vuforia View.

How to get started

Once you’ve selected your pilot participants, reach out as soon as possible. Give them an idea of why your organization is adopting Vuforia Expert Capture, explain their role in testing the software, and request their time and feedback. Don’t forget to notify their manager(s). If they agree to participate, be sure they get early access to training.

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