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Create a Project Plan

Plan how you will execute your Vuforia Expert Capture use cases. Decide which procedures to begin with, who will be involved, and when you will do the work.

Define initial project scope

Defining the scope of your Vuforia Expert Capture project gives stakeholders a shared understanding of their role, and the project objectives and goals. Ensure the scope is manageable for your timeline and budget and fulfills the success criteria for your use case. Plan your project in a phased approach: work toward short-term goals within your long-term plan. This phased approach will generate quick wins and keep momentum moving forward.

Choose procedures to document

Decide which procedures you’ll document first using Vuforia Expert Capture. Start with 1-10 procedures in the initial phase of the project. Your first procedures should be realistic and provide value quickly. Consult managers, subject matter experts, and frontline workers across the organization—they may recommend which procedures are a good fit for your first effort.

Focus on procedures that pertain to your use case. In your project plan, document information around the “as is” state of the work procedure. For example: today, frontline workers use paper-based documentation that is out of date, resulting in wasted time and the possibility of errors.

We recommend choosing procedures shorter than 10 minutes so you can get comfortable using eyewear devices, navigating the Expert Capture interface, and narrating your actions. Try to capture your procedures in the correct order, but it's ok if you cannot—you'll edit them later. You can also re-record audio without redoing the entire procedure, if needed. Test with a small number of users, then make changes based on their feedback, as necessary.

Identify affected teams

Now that you’ve assembled your team—led by an execution lead—consider who else will be immediately affected by your Vuforia Expert Capture project. Consider who will use these procedures to do their jobs and who creates or manages work instructions today. These team members will need training to use Vuforia Expert Capture.

Verify that your subject matter experts have time to commit to helping with your project: if they can’t find time to capture procedures, your project will lose momentum. Before you begin, they should be fully trained and confident using eyewear devices to capture procedures.

Before you deploy Vuforia Expert Capture to workers who will use it in their jobs, select a few participants to test the solution. These initial users do not need Vuforia Expert Capture experience, but they should be enthusiastic about embracing new technology and willing to dedicate time to the project. Contact your testers early in the project and provide first access to Vuforia Expert Capture training.

If you have not yet done so, document any stakeholders, executive sponsors, business leads, subject matter experts, or other contributors so everyone on the project is clearly identified and accountable.

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Establish dates and deadlines

Establish a timeline that includes short-term and long-term goals to stay on track with your project. It should also include completion dates, milestones, key deliverables, and a rollout date. You’ll create a rollout plan later.

Determine your training needs

The frontline workers, subject matter experts, and managers using Vuforia Expert Capture will need training to get started. We recommend you also include members of your IT team in training, so they can provide technical support to other users. Depending on the scale and timeline of your project, your training needs may evolve. PTC offers two ways to train your team members:

1. Vuforia Expert Capture Product and Device Workshop: PTC hosts an on-site, hands-on training workshop to prepare the key members of your team to create and publish procedures using Vuforia Expert Capture. An experienced instructor will teach participants how to:

  • Plan procedures
  • Use the three applications included in Vuforia Expert Capture
  • Get familiar with eyewear devices
  • Create a procedure based on your use case
  • Train others how to use Vuforia Expert Capture
  • Facilitate adoption of Vuforia Expert Capture in their organization

You’ll leave the workshop with a plan for the next steps in your Vuforia Expert Capture project. The workshop is also an opportunity to meet with members of PTC’s AR Team, which is a great resource for future needs and questions.

This training is included in your Vuforia Expert Capture software purchase. To learn more or schedule the training, contact your PTC Customer Success Manager.

2. Independent training: Access documentation that explains how to use Vuforia Expert Capture.

  • The Help Center covers key topics about how to capture, edit, publish, and view procedures using Vuforia Expert Capture.
  • The Learning Connector contains video tutorials for key topics.
  • For advice and tips from fellow users, join the Community. Anyone can explore and view posts in the Community, but you'll need to create a PTC account if you would like to post a topic or respond to others. This account is separate from your Vuforia Expert Capture account.

Recommended Resources

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