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Choose Devices

Vuforia Expert Capture runs on eyewear devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers. To use it hands-free, you must invest in eyewear technology. Decide which devices are right for your organization.

Compare device options

You will need some combination of eyewear devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers to use Vuforia Expert Capture.

Create procedures in 3 steps:

  1. Capture: You need an eyewear device to record a procedure using the Capture app.
  2. Edit: You need a desktop or laptop computer (connected to the internet) to edit, annotate, and publish the procedure using Editor.
  3. View: You need an eyewear device, smartphone, tablet, or computer to view the completed procedure using the View app.

The best device for your situation depends on your use case and the circumstances where you’ll use Vuforia Expert Capture. Consider the environment where you’ll record procedures and the types of procedures you’ll capture. Then decide whether 2D eyewear or 3D eyewear devices will work better. For example, if you need to move from one location to another as you perform the procedure, then 3D eyewear can be beneficial—the spatial tracking functionality guides you to the places in the factory or building where each step needs to be completed.

Similarly, think about where and how employees will view procedures. Are 2D eyewear, 3D eyewear, mobile devices, or computers the best option?

Learn the requirements and constraints of each option to determine which device is best suited for your use case.

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Confirm device compliance

Earlier in the project, you checked whether your organization has security, safety, or compliance policies that restrict which devices employees can use while performing their jobs. Determine whether your devices must meet glass, combustion, or other safety standards. Keep these factors in mind as you explore device options.

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Purchase devices

If you need new devices for your Vuforia Expert Capture project (eyewear devices, phones, tablets), purchase them now. Reach out to the appropriate approvers to get budget for the devices. The IT department can often help get a cost quote and place the order.

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