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Assemble your Team

Engage the employees who will contribute to the Vuforia Expert Capture program. Consider hiring outside resources to fill in gaps and get expert guidance.

Roles and responsibilities

Your team is one of the most important components of your Vuforia Expert Capture program. You will need help from a variety of people to achieve your use cases. In your organization, identify who will fill these roles on your team:

  • Executive sponsor: Responsible for getting organizational buy-in and realizing the value of Vuforia Expert Capture. Typically, a senior-level manager.
  • Champion: Accountable for the success of program deployment. Creates the strategy to generate value from Vuforia Expert Capture. Forms the team responsible for leading the deployment throughout the organization. Also responsible for leading execution teams across sites.
  • Program manager: Ensures alignment across teams and is responsible for meeting deadlines, following the strategy, and achieving goals. If you’re involving multiple execution teams, a program manager would coordinate their efforts. This role may or may not be necessary, depending on the complexity of your Vuforia Expert Capture program.
  • Execution lead: Manages the project and is responsible for driving implementation, executing the plan created by the champion. Organizes subject matter experts and obtains devices required to create, edit, and publish procedures. Also organizes related workshops. There may be multiple execution leads with a lead at each site and a lead who coordinates among sites.
  • Technical lead: Expert responsible for ensuring the technology is successful across the program. Makes sure devices and products work on all networks. Works with IT, coordinates training, works with compliance, and more.
  • Subject matter experts: Share their expertise, create procedures using Vuforia Expert Capture, and train others to use them. They may be the only people in a work setting who know how to do a specific task. Their ongoing commitment is important to move projects forward.
  • End users: These end users or “Viewers,” will view and use the procedures you create with Vuforia Expert Capture. They need training to learn how to use eyewear devices and can be helpful for testing procedures.
  • Additional support: Members of the IT and compliance teams at your organization can also help implement and maintain the technology needed for Vuforia Expert Capture. They also ensure it meets your organization’s security and compliance policies.

One person may fill more than one of these roles, or you may have several contributors assigned to each role. Depending on the size of your organization and your use case, you may include people from various locations across the business or around the world on your team. For example, you may have a global team that leads oversight and strategy, with local teams at each factory or site led by a local execution lead. Regardless of how you structure your team, make sure there’s a leader in place to coordinate across teams and ensure you’re achieving your goals.

As you build your Vuforia Expert Capture team, engage any employees who are interested in and will use the new technology in their jobs. This will create early buy-in and excitement, which will help maintain your momentum.

Cultivate leadership support

Your Vuforia Expert Capture program will benefit tremendously from leadership support: ensure leaders communicate the importance of your program to their teams in regular forums and feedback sessions. Identify and engage various people across your organization to support your program. The right leaders may vary business to business, but in general, choose both an executive sponsor and a champion.

Leadership support also helps cultivate collaboration among the teams using Vuforia Expert Capture across your organization. The more your teams interact, share best practices, and work together, the more buy-in you'll generate.

Identify internal partners

Engage the people who can make or break your Vuforia Expert Capture program. Their support and know-how will be a key asset throughout the deployment process. In your organization, identify who is responsible for:

  • Security: Who will confirm the software meets security standards?
  • Infrastructure: Who will ensure your organization’s infrastructure (including network connectivity, security, etc.) is equipped to handle the software?
  • Hardware management: Who will purchase and maintain the devices needed to use the software?
  • Compliance: Who will verify your AR project meets safety, regulatory and compliance standards?

Contact the appropriate partners and determine their involvement in the program. You’ll need their help on important tasks.

Determine outside resources needed

PTC offers services to help organizations achieve success with Vuforia Expert Capture. Customer Success Services can help you plan, implement, and measure the value of your Vuforia Expert Capture program. Consider using an outside resource to cover skill gaps or speed up your program. Contact your PTC Customer Success Manager to learn more or see PTC’s Success Services.

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