Everything you need to implement ThingWorx Navigate for PLM data

Get Familiar with ThingWorx Navigate

ThingWorx Navigate is a suite of task- and role-based apps to give more stakeholders across an organization easy access to view PLM data stored in Windchill and data in other enterprise systems. Get to know the product uses, functionalities, and out-of-the-box and custom options.


01. Learn the basics

ThingWorx Navigate gives non-experts quick and easy access to PLM data such as drawings, documents, process plans, and change requests and notices. People in manufacturing, procurement, service, sales and marketing, and engineering can view real-time, accurate PLM content on a simple, job-specific interface. Different use cases can help organizations increase collaboration, solve operational challenges, and reach goals for product reliability, safety, on-time delivery, and innovation.

There are two categories of ThingWorx Navigate apps:

View apps

  • Apps that allow users to view up-to-date product information (like parts lists or product drawings), but will not have editing permissions

Contribute apps

  • Apps that allow users to add or change data
    • The role of the user is tied to what data users can access and what type of changes they need to make

Key functionalities of ThingWorx Navigate apps include:

  • View and download PLM content like drawings, design files, part structures, and documents
  • Interact with part models in 3D with cross selection capabilities using attributes
  • Review, approve, comment, and provide feedback on Changes
  • Build custom apps, using reusable components and mashup data from multiple systems; uses include supplier collaboration, production planning, and quality issue reporting

Flexible deployment options include on-premise, PTC Cloud, or your managed cloud. Because the application is web-based, you can seamlessly install and upgrade.


02. Out-of-the-box and custom apps

ThingWorx Navigate offers a set of out-of-the-box (OOTB) apps and the option to build a custom app for a specific use case.

Each OOTB app is based on a user task to access PLM content for a job function or decision. An administrator configures and tailors the task-based app for user roles without any development.

If an OOTB app does not meet your use case or requirements, you can build a custom app using the power of ThingWorx. For example, a custom app can source and compile data from systems other than Windchill. Custom app projects involve development and different licensing.

As you move forward, align your business use case to determine whether to use an OOTB app or build a custom app.


ThingWorx Navigate OOTB Apps Contribute or View App Functionalities

View Design Files

  • Search and locate a CAD document or part
  • Launch a design file in its file format
  • Download a zip file containing all available design files

View Drawing

  • Search and locate a CAD document or part
  • Launch a representation of the CAD document or parts drawing file

View and Measure in 3D

  • Search and locate a CAD document or part
  • Launch the CAD document in the Creo Lite Plugin
  • View measurements, angles, and comments within Creo Lite
  • Locate a CAD document or Windchill part
  • Open the object's representation in Creo View


View Part Properties

  • View additional significant attributes for a CAD document or part

View Part List

  • Navigate through the part list
  • Launch available drawing files for each part
  • Export the part list to a CSV file

View Part Structure

  • Navigate through the part structure table
  • View attributes or individual parts within a structure
  • Explore the parts 3D viewable

View Document

  • View document thumbnail and key attributes of the document
  • View and download document attachments
  • Launch the document in its file format

View Document Structure

  • View document thumbnail and key attributes of the document
  • View the document structure table and additional attributes of the subcomponents in the table (for example, a section of a manual)
  • Launch the document in its file format

My Tasks (Change Management)

  • Review change requests assigned to you via a task list
  • Access full details of a change request including affected items and attachments
  • Check how others have responded to, approved, rejected, or reassigned the request
Report a Problem Contribute
  • Report an issue about digital designs in Windchill directly inside of ThingWorx
  • Accessible for all user groups, not limited to subject matter experts
  • Enter text and upload images to describe the problem fully

Every year ThingWorx Navigate makes it easier to do your job and helps make you more productive. We recommend reviewing the features available with each version of ThingWorx Navigate.

  • Read technical details on ThingWorx Navigate’s core features and functionality on the Help Center.
  • Use the Release Advisor to compare compatible versions of ThingWorx Navigate with other PTC products.

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