Everything you need to implement ThingWorx Navigate for PLM data

Configure Authentication and User Groups

After you install ThingWorx Navigate, set up authentication. Then set up user groups. Add initial users who will configure, develop, and test the app.

01. Configure authentication

Once you’ve installed ThingWorx Navigate, configure authentication. Review the plan for authentication that you established earlier. Then follow the instructions in the article, Configure ThingWorx Navigate. Update your documentation as you go.

If you need help, open a case with PTC Technical Support (requires login).

If you’re using single sign-on (SSO), PTC offers a service to help you set it up called “Configure SSO for Navigate.” Find more information in the services listed below.

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02. Set up user groups and add initial users

Set up user groups according to the plan you created earlier. This process will differ depending on whether you’re using only out-of-the-box (OOTB) apps or developing a custom app. In both cases, follow the instructions in the article, Modify ThingWorx Permissions: Users and Groups.

Once you’ve set up user groups, add initial users who need access to the app to configure, develop, and/or test it.

Add initial users, including:

  • Developers who will configure, develop, and/or test the app
  • Project team members and key stakeholders who will help test the app
  • Users who will participate in user acceptance testing (likely the same users who helped you test the app design earlier)

ThingWorx includes default user groups with standard user permissions. If you add users to the default group called “Administrators,” those users will have access to everything. We recommend you add developers to that group so they have enough permissions to develop and test the app. They’ll also be able to manage access for other users.

Check that each user has the expected visibility and permissions. Make any adjustments as needed. Remember to update your documentation as you go.

If you need help, open a case with PTC Technical Support (requires login). 

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